Walter L. Rickard
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Lahaina, Hawaii
September 10, 1945 to February 10, 1965
WALTER L RICKARD is on the Wall at Panel 1E, Line 90

Walter L Rickard
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Walter L Rickard


02 Apr 2001

Thanks, my friend, for inviting me to your home. It took me 36 years but I made it, and it was just as you said, a beautiful place. I'm glad you grew up in such a wonderful island, and that you had a loving wife like Doreen. Keep an eye on us till we see you again.

Your friend
Dave Holden
7215 54th Ave. N W, Gig Harbor Wa 98335

09 Nov 2005

Thank you, my baby brother and all the other heroes who gave their all. We will always miss you and love you very much. We will see all of you some day soon. Love to all and God Bless!

From his sister,
Gerrie Rickard Cole
P O Box 306, Salyersville, Ky 41465

"He's Only Away"

He is only away-in your thoughts and your heart,
    you are always together, never apart;
In your sorrow, remember-he's only away...
Though he may not be with you
    the memories stay...

And in time, when the hurt
    isn't too much to bear,
whenever you look in your heart
    he'll be there.

28 May 2007

Such wonderful childhood memories of you as we grew up in Lahaina. Surfing in front of your house, paddling those tin boats your dad made, and walking to school together. Our birthdays are a day apart. I thank you for being my friend.

Roger A. Berg


A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 10 Feb 1965, Viet Cong sappers blew up the Hotel Viet Cuong, an American enlisted men's billet in Qui Nhon City, killing 23 and wounding 21 U.S. soldiers. The following men died in the explosion:

SP5 James B Alexander SP5 Everett L Anderson PFC Paul E. Bays
SP4 Tommy J Belcher PFC Robert J. Betz SP5 David N Clayton
SP5 Clarence L Coleman SP4 Horace C Collins PFC Delmer L Ferris
SP5 Glenn H Kelley PFC Dallas Lawson PFC Larry B McClanahan
SP5 Robert S Mosier PFC Walter L Rickard SP5 Harry E Rowley
SP5 Ernest M Schultz SP4 Robert L Simon SP4 Harry L Summers
SSG Francis J Valkos SSG Merle O Van Alstine PVT Melvin L Waters
SP4 Lavon S. Wilson PFC Floyd Wynn

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