Robert Wayne Richardson

Army Of The United States
15 February 1943 - 19 December 1970
Alta Loma, TX
Panel 06W Line 133

198 INF BDE Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service

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Dear Rich,
I have loved you and missed you all these many years... I had hoped that the years would dull the pain but today I visited the "Moving Wall" and it all came rushing back.

You took over my squad when I was promoted to Platoon Sgt. I had tried to bring you with me as one of my squad leaders... The CO said no he could not take both of us out of the First Platoon... I still remember that day up on LZ Stinson, we were moving out on a new operation. Me with my new Platoon and you as the Squad Leader of my old Squad. It was such a beautiful day, it had rained earlier so the air felt fresh and clean, the sky was a bright blue and white clouds hurried by driven by the breeze.

The choppers came and took you to your LZ. We waited for their return... We tried to monitor the radio to hear what was happening... time went by but the "Birds" didn't come back for us.

At first we figured that they only were delayed because they needed to refuel... but still they didn't come.

Slowly the news began to trickle in, First Platoon and you had hit a "daisy-chain" booby trap in the LZ. The new medic had set it off when he entered a hedge row. The choppers were still in the LZ and were damaged and the bulk of first Platoon was caught in the "kill zone". You died in my place and I have never forgotten.

Sgt Michael Maier,
Charlie Co. 1/52Inf, 198 LIB, Americal

I hope I have lived a life worthy of your sacrifice

A memorial from his Buddy,
Michael Maier 
15 Jun 2001

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)