Frank Latimer Rice, Jr
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Sunbury, North Carolina
April 20, 1945 to May 02, 1970
FRANK L RICE Jr is on the Wall at Panel W11, Line 87

Frank L Rice
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East Carolina University baseball team. Frank Rice is third from right, back row.
Photos provided by Jim Daniels

24 May 2001

I knew Frank in high school. He was from Sunbury, NC, and was quite an athlete. I played basketball and baseball on opposing teams in high school against Frank. During the summer Frank and I played on the same American Legion Baseball team in Ahoskie, NC, which featured the best basball players in Northeastern North Carolina and probably in North Carolina, which included greats like Jim (Catfish) Hunter. Frank was our starting 1st baseman and quite a player he was. Great fielder and batter and a friend to everyone. Frank was smart, good looking (quite a ladies' man), and would go out of his way to help anyone he could.

I know Frank is missed by his family, especially his daughter that never really got to know what a good person he was, and me and his other friends that will always have a place in our hearts and minds for him.

We "SALUTE" you Frank for a job well done from all that knew you, and GOD bless you where you now are having eternal peace and life. You did give the ultimate sacrifice and knowing you as I did, it was for something you believed in.

From a friend,
Doug Britton

11 Nov 2006

Thanks for your sacrifice, my friend. Rest in peace. You are not forgotten and are remembered for the good things you did on earth.

From a friend,
Doug Britton

22 October 2001

I knew Frank from playing sports with and against him. He was a fine person as well as ballplayer. I just want his family and daughter to know that Frank and all the others who have been lost in battle are never forgotten. My heart-felt feelings for all.

Bob Harrington

27 November 2001

I knew Frank from his years at East Carolina University. He and I were teammates on the baseball teams from 1963-67. Frank was an outstanding young man with qualities which anyone would like to adhere to in this life. I am a veteran of Vietnam and was very fortunate to return. Having been there, I am very proud of Frank Rice. He represented the very best in life and I am proud to say he was a friend and teammate. His parents and family should be extremely proud of Frank.

Jim Daniels

February 16,2003

Frank was my cousin, playmate, and friend when we were growing up as kids. I guess you would say I knew him quite well. We went to school together and were in the same class for twelve years. He was a very smart young man and well liked by his classmates and especially the girls. He was very good at baseball and basketball which he loved to play.I can remember playing softball and baseball with him and some neighborhood kids when we were growing up. That was such a long time ago.

His little daughter never got to know what a fine man she had for a Father. His family loved him and Frank loved his family. I know he died for his country and what he believed in. He and all the other young people that lost their lives will never be forgotten! I, his family and friends will always remember his cheerful smiling face.

Mary L. Rice Johnson

23 May 2004

I am Frank Jr's "little cousin," Steve; Frank Jr's mother, Frances, is my aunt on my father's side. Though only ten when Frank Jr. was tragically taken from us, as a little boy I looked up to him as a role model. Living just over the border in Chesapeake, Virginia, I spent many a Sunday playing at the Rices', and Frank Jr's room was a favorite play space. He had a wonderful manual typewriter that I loved to type on, and he never seemed to mind.

I don't know whether Frank Jr's immediate family knows of this page, and several years have passed since I have spoken to them. But I am sure they would join me in saying thanks to the authors of this dedication for keeping his cherished memory alive.

Best Regards,
Steven W. Collins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Economy
University of Washington

13 Apr 2005

I grew up in Sunbury and was acquainted with Frank, Jr., even though he was several years younger than me. I served in Vietnam from September 1966 until September 1967, during the height of the buildup. I was in the Army quartermaster corps and worked in depots in II Corps, primarily out of Quin Nhon. I was a photographer and traveled to An Khe, Pleiku, Dak To, Da Nang, and spent one scary day at the DMZ.

Residents of Gates County and Sunbury can be proud of the sacrifice that Frank, Jr. made. The helicopter and its pilots were the saving grace for those of us on the ground. Casualties were lessened due to the impact of MedEvac choppers on quick evacuations.

Frank's memory will live on, particularly through his family.

I hope that someday soon a memorial to Vietnam veterans can be erected in Sunbury.

From a friend from school in Sunbury,
Tom Ed Muncy
33 Maney Avenue, Asheville, N C 28804

23 Apr 2007

On May 2, 2007, it will have been 37 years since Frank left us. I think of him often and the days we spent in college back in the middle 60s. Frank made an impact on me and I will continue to remember that he is one of my heros and will keep his memory alive for as long as I am alive. We as Americans should never forget what he gave. What a tremendous asset he would have been if he was with us today. I know that people like Frank are few and far between and must be remembered. That knowledge is the type of thing that makes our lives worthwhile. I plan never to forget you as my friend, former teammate, and hero. I hope and pray you are in peace.

From a friend,
Jim Daniels


A Note from The Virtual Wall

1LT Frank Latimer Rice and WO1 Donald Lee Parker, both of the 235th Aviation Company, died in the crash of their AH-1G COBRA gunship (hull number 67-15554) while supporting an ARVN operation about 25 miles northeast of Moc Hoa.

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