Donald Frank Rhodes
United States Marine Corps
Raleigh, North Carolina
February 02, 1947 to January 07, 1967
DONALD F RHODES is on the Wall at Panel 13E, Line 123

Combat Action Ribbon
Donald F Rhodes
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17 Sep 2001

I wish you could be here to meet all the new family you have. Your brothers and sisters have all grown up and have their own families. You have a beautiful great-niece (my daughter, Taylor) who knows you are in Heaven and knows you are an Angel watching over her and Aunt Shirley every day, especially when they need you most. Please take care of my grandpa, because I miss him very much. We love you very much!!

Heather Austin
Taylor Austin
and Shirley Rhodes Williams

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06 Sep 2003

Dear Donald,

It's me Tricia ... I just wanted to say I miss you and I hope you, momma, and daddy are together and are safe and happy. Also I want you to keep an eye out for EDWARD he is out there somewhere I'm afraid he is lost if you can help him out. Also Teresa is there too - keep her company till we can all be together. She has a granddaughter she didn't get to spend enough time with.

I wanted to tell you I think about you on every one of my birthdays. Not bad thoughts, I just wish you were here. We all miss you and love you. I have two beautiful daughters now, Heather is 26 and Tiffany is 20 about to be 21. Heather has a daughter Taylor (5) - she just started kindergarden this year. Tiffany has 2 children, Summer who is 3 and Cameron who is 2. I wish you where here to see them - they are the joys of my life.

If it's true that our loved ones watch over us then PLEASE WATCH OVER THEM. They are truly gifts from God. I LOVE YOU!!!!

From your sister,
Patricia Ellen Rhodes
186 Pleasant Pine Dr, Angier N.C. 27501


Notes from The Virtual Wall

Operation DECK HOUSE V was one of the few operations conducted by the Marines in southern South Vietnam. A battalion landing team built around the 1st Bn, 9th Marines was landed in Kien Hoa Province at the mouth of the Mekong River delta.

On 07 Jan 67 H-34 BuNo 147192 from HMM-362 was conducting support flights between USS IWO JIMA and bases ashore. During one stop on IWO JIMA, the gunner got off the aircraft to eat and Cpl John H. Mooney replaced him. The aircraft then departed ship for Landing Zone DUCK where they were to pick up a load of Marines.

While the Marines were embarking a hand grenade came loose and exploded, killing Cpl Mooney and Pvt Donald F. Rhodes, and wounding four other Marines. An H-46 picked up the dead and wounded and evacuated them to the IWO JIMA, while a separate aircrew flew the badly damaged H-34 back to the ship.

That night, the perimeter at LZ DUCK was probed by the VC, with one Marine killed in the action - Lance Corporal John James Murphy, Charlie 1/9 Marines, from Philadelphia, PA.

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