Harold Ray Reeves

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
17 April 1950 - 18 December 1968
Odessa, Texas
Panel 36W Line 042

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Harold R Reeves

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21 Oct 2001

The second eldest of seven children belonging to James T. and Fayrene Edington Reeves, Harold was loved by all who knew and met him. He was a little man with a big heart. He was a very gentle, loving and giving person, who never had anything bad to say about anyone. He was only five feet tall, but if you knew him you'd think he was six foot or more. He never let his size stop him, not in football, not in the military and certainly not in life. We all miss him very much and spend many hours reminiscing about the wonderful memories we had with him in our childhood, before he had to prove he was a tall man again and joined the Army...

With all our love,
Barbara, Valerie, Janice, Jeanette, Bobby and Mom

We know you're up there with Dad and our other precious brother Johnny, so enjoy each other and see you soon.

15 Dec 2001

Dear Brother,

It's been almost 33 years now since you left and I miss you just as much today as I did the day I learned you were gone. I know you are happy wherever you may be, that's the kind of person you were - "Make the best of any situation" ... I've made friends with one of your buddies from Vietnam - Don Rack - and he has brought so much joy to me and Mom and Val, Neicey, Jeanette, and Bobby by telling us about you and how it was in Vietnam ... REST IN PEACE, MY BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYED LITTLE MAN...

With all the love in the world,
Your big sister Barbara

21 Aug 2005

Our mother has now joined Harold, we lost her to bone cancer three years ago. We know she is with you, Dad and Johnny. Miss you and love you all. Barbara

From his big sister,
Barbara F. Reeves
97 C R 148, Gainesville, Tx 76240
22 Oct 2001


I remember him so well, his eyes were the prettiest blue I had ever seen. He always made me laugh and his attitude in life was always happy and positive. He had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back. He was a special friend and when his sister showed me his helmet with his mom's name on it and my name on it I just cried on the inside and wished I could have been there for him.

I know he is in a better place and with God's love, maybe I will see him there when it is my time to go. Harold, we love you and miss you. Knowing Barbara all the years has kept me close to you in memory and I will never forget you.

Your very special friend
Kathy Cook

01 Jan 2002

Harold, we all miss you so much and love you even more. You always had a smile on your face and those eyes, what you could do with those eyes. We will all see you again one day, and have a great reunion in Heaven.

Rest in Peace

Your Cousin,
Rose Savage

20 Aug 2004

Harold Reeves was a little guy from Odessa, Texas. He stood about 5 feet 2 inches tall. He never let his size get him down and he stood tall among men. He was the manager of the Permian High School football team in 1966, his junior year in high school. He came from a large family - 3 boys and 4 girls. He, like many of his time period, found school to be a pain and he went off to serve his country in the Army. He joined right after his 17th birthday and went to Vietnam when he was 18. He died from wounds suffered from an explosive device while on patrol near Bien Hoa, three months after his tour began. He had a girl friend, Kathy McCain of Odessa, and he loved his family. He was buried next to his name-sake uncle in Gainesville, Texas. Sadly 25 years later, Harold's younger brother Johnny was robbed and murdered in Denton County, Texas. Both of Harold's parents are deceased, the loss of 2 sons was unbearable. His remaining sisters and brother and cousins continue to honor Harold. Harold is remembered by all who knew him and he is honored by the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Midland, Texas. I remember and honor Harold as well.

From a friend and representative of the Permian Basin Vietnam Veteran's Memorial,
Billy M. Brown
4015 Melody Lane, Odessa, Texas 79762

15 Feb 2005

What an awesome thing to have someone show me this page today. As the page opened and I saw your picture, memories flooded my mind like you would not believe. My friend and confidant, how much I have missed you and how many times I have thought about you, you would never know ... or maybe you would. There will never be another Harold Reeves!!

You were the truest, most loving friend anyone could have, you were a buddy and a pal and I would have trusted you with my life. I received a Christmas card from you just a day or so before I learned you had given your life for all of us. You told me in the Christmas card to tell one of your best friends "Rickey Ray" not to worry, that you would take care of him if he should be sent to Vietnam. You also told me not to worry about you, because you were so little you could never be hit. I guess God just needed a new bloom in His garden and He picked one of the very best. God bless and keep you, my friend, as you continue your journey and keep watch over those who follow in your foot steps. Thank you for your honor and your gift of service to all of us. Thank you most of all for your love and friendship. You came into my life for a reason and thank God He allowed me to know you and to love you!!

From a friend,
Dianna Faris Crowder

04 Jul 2006

My heart is heavy every time I allow myself a backward glance, to look over my shoulder at our youth, at that innocence we left behind. This big guy's youth, and his blood, spilled on that sorry soil, and mine, smothered in years of regret and lament over his, and all the others that we left there, soul and spirit, alone, forever. I defer, rather to those happy days that led us to what was, and will be always, each to where we are, until we again are where we should be. Harold's voice still rings in my ear as we made plans to meet before Christmas and have a few beers, as we did at Fort Polk the previous year, but it was not to be. We shared a commonality during our years in school of what some would call diminished vertical reach, but neither of us would allow any indication of any limitation. I would fight, but Harold would show you the enormity of his heart, and you had to relent, to give up to his bigness. Harold had an inner power, beyond reproach, an innate ability to express his bigness, without even a blink, just a twinkle in those blue eyes, and that twinkle was always there. To measure a man you need a yardstick, to meaure his heart you need a ruler, only God can measure this soul, only God. I look forward, Harold, to that 1968 Christmas beer we missed.


From a brother in arms and spirt,
Larry "another Little Guy"

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Barbara F. Reeves
P O Box 507, Gainesville Tx. 76241

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 21 Oct 2001
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