Robert John Randall, Jr
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Miami, Florida
March 09, 1950 to May 23, 1969
ROBERT J RANDALL Jr is on the Wall at Panel W24, Line 89

Robert J Randall
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21 Feb 2005

Robert John Randall, Jr. was from the NE 144th Street area of Miami and attended North Miami High School. He did not do well in school and eventually dropped out. He fell in with the wrong bunch and was caught joy riding. A judge, under what is known today as Alternative Sentencing, gave Randall a choice between jail or military service. Randall entered the Army in July of 1968 and after basic and AIT he went to jump school. He had grown fond of military life.

Robert John Randall arrived in Vietnam in January 1969. In March the 101st Airborne Division reentered the dreaded A Shau Valley and Randall's unit remained there until 15 May 1969 when they were redeployed to Quang Tin Province for Operation Lamar Plain. On 23 May Bravo Company and the Recon Platoon held up their patrol to wait on a log bird that was to bring them some badly needed water. Just as the chopper was landing enemy mortar rounds struck their position. Randall and two other men were killed in the blasts and nearly a dozen men were wounded including the company commander and First Sergeant.

Robert John Randall, Jr. was survived by his brother Greg, his sister Deborah, father Robert and his mother Helen who mistakenly believed that he was " that Hamburger Hill fighting."


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The three men from the 1/501st Infantry killed on 23 May 1969 were
  • SP4 Roy C. Newsome, Somers, CT, B Company
  • CPL Robert L. Boese, Marion, KS, E Company
  • PFC Robert J. Randall, Miami, FL, E Company

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