Peter Pulaski, Jr

Army of the United States
03 August 1946 - 04 January 1970
Howard Beach, New York
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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12 May 2005


by a friend.
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13 Nov 2006

Pete, I think of you almost every day. Norm

From a friend,
Norm Ream

03 Apr 2007

I went through Basic training and AIT and dog school with Peter. We were stationed close together in Viet Nam and frequently ran into each other. I visited him at the 42nd several times. I was stationed with the 47th. I never will forget after all these years the way I felt when I heard a handler from the 42nd had been killed. I got someone to get a hold of the LT there and found out it was Peter. I always wanted to contact his family and tell them what a wonderful friend and person he was, but I didn't really know how to at that time and then the next thing you know 37 years has passed.

I think the first time I met Peter in basic we were pulling KP together. It was the only time I can remember having steaks in basic training and Peter and I were hiding in the back part of the mess hall where we were out of sight of the mess Sergeant. We wolfed down steaks as fast as we could - I think we each ate 4 of them in what seemed like 2 minutes. I can still see his face and his smile and after all these years I can still hear his voice. I can't remember what my friends from high school who were killed in Viet Nam looked like without looking at a picture, but I remember Peter. I think of him frequently. I can't think of Peter without thinking what the world and his family were deprived of with the loss of Peter. You were never forgotten, Peter.

Paul Kraay
47th Inf. Plt. Scout Dog
Viet Nam 69-70
P O Box 391, Cisne, Ill.

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