Dallas Reese Pridemore

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
29 April 1941 - 07 April 1977
East Liverpool, Ohio
Panel 44W Line 001


POW Medal

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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15 Jul 1999


by one who wears his MIA bracelet,

Please visit my
full memorial to SFC Dallas Pridemore.
09 Dec 2002

It is very nice to see that my father's memory is shared by others.

From his son,
Mark Edward (Pridemore) Ellis

3 Jan 2005

I have Dallas' MIA bracelet and wear it with reverence.
Thank you for what you have done for our Country, Dallas...

Andy Green
Lima, Oh

08 May 2005

He is still not forgotten, I too have his MIA braclet.


01 Sep 2006

My name is Cathleen Schoen.

I have a remembrance bracelet for Dallas Reese Pridemore.

My father (a Vietnam vet) gave it to me to wear with pride and I do.

The first time I saw Dallas's name on the Wall I cried for him even though I never knew him.

He gave a great sacrifice to this country to help in the challenge to find freedom.

Thank you.

Cathleen Schoen

05 Nov 2006

Dallas, you are in my heart. Always,Pat

From a friend,
Pat Griffith

A Note from The Virtual Wall

D Company (Separate), 87th Infantry, was assigned to the 95th Military Police Battalion as a rifle company security force. Then-SSGT Dallas R. Pridemore was assigned as an infantry liaison non-commissioned officer stationed at Long Binh for his unit, Company D, 87th Infantry, 95th Military Police Battalion, which was garrisoned in Saigon.

On 8 September 1968, SSGT Pridemore was off duty and visiting a Vietnamese family in a village considered to be a suburb of Saigon, located some 4 miles northeast of the captial, Thu Duc District, Gia Dinh Province, South Vietnam. During the visit, an unspecified number of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers came to the house stating they were National Liberation Front police who wanted to make an ID check of household personnel.

They searched the house, captured Dallas Pridemore who was wearing civilian clothes at the time, and led him away at gunpoint. The Viet Cong threatened the Vietnamese family not to have anything more to do with Americans, and indicated they would release him in three days. After his abduction was reported to US authorities a thorough search of the village and surrounding countryside was conducted, but no trace of SSGT Pridemore was found. Because there were witnesses to his capture, Dallas Pridemore was immediately listed as a Prisoner of War.

Pridemore was not released with the other US prisoners in 1973. Intelligence reports received before and after the US withdrawal gave no definitive information of his fate:

  • Pridemore was reported as seen alive in January 1969 in Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia.
  • Rumors of his death were noted as early as April 1969.
  • Information developed in February and March 1992 indicated he might have been taken into Cambodia in 1969.
  • An individual resembling SSGT Pridemore was sighted in Memot, Cambodia, in April 1974.
  • In June and October 1989, information was received indicating Pridemore was in detention in Cambodia when he was allegedly killed in a US bombing; no date for his death was obtained.
In the absence of any information indicating now-SFC Pridemore was still alive, the Secretary of the Army approved a Presumptive Finding of Death on 07 April 1977, changing his status to "Died while Captured". Neither SFC Pridemore nor his remains have been repatriated.

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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