Larry Gay Pool

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
01 February 1950 - 22 July 1969
Texarkana, AR
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UH-1 Huey

Army Aircrew

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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2 Mar 2004

My brother, Larry G. Pool, was killed in Vietnam in 1969. He always liked airplanes, collected a lot of plastic models, and displayed them from the ceiling in his room. He voluntarily joined the Army, was a crew chief on a helicopter. In his words, he said, "At least if I join, I might get to do what I would want, and that would be to be on an aircraft". Unfortunately, he, and all the crew, died when the helicopter went down, aircraft failure. I remember him always and am proud he served his country well. He, and all the casualties and MIAS, represent America's freedom. Let's hear it for the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE.

Delpha Pool
Bauxite, Arkansas

3 Mar 2004

Larry, if you are looking down from Heaven, I know that you are proud of your wonderful sister; she has been my best friend for approximately 30 years and you are the brother that I never had.

From a friend,
Janice Vaughn
425 Dodd St, Nash, Texas 75569

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 22 July 1969 the 135th Assault Helicopter Company was tasked with providing airlift in support of the 7th ARVN Division. Nine aircraft lifted off the Vinh Long airfield with UH-1H tail number 67-17375 flying as CHALK 8 - the eight aircraft in the flight. Departure was from Runway 26 (an east-to-west runway) with a turn to the north to a rendezvous orbit.

Approximately two minutes after liftoff, CHALK 8 reported that he was experiencing severe vibrations and was going down. At the time of the emergency call, CHALK 8 was at about 800 feet and 80 knots, in a descending right turn. As the Huey passed through 200 feet, the crew applied power to clear trees. Simultaneous with the power application the tail rotor ceased to function causing the Huey to begin spinning to the right about its vertical axis. The aircraft went nose-up, rolled left, and impacted the ground nearly inverted in an unsurvivable crash. Four aircrewmen died in the crash:

  • WO Bernardino F. Genchi, North Babylon, New York, pilot
  • WO Allen E. Starr, Dallas, Texas, copilot
  • SP4 Larry G. Pool, Texarkana, Arkansas, crew chief
  • SP4 Gail L. Whitlatch, Urbana, Illinois, gunner

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