Peter Richard Ommen
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Central City, South Dakota
September 07, 1947 to April 30, 1967
PETER R OMMEN is on the Wall at Panel 18E, Line 126

Combat Action Ribbon
Peter R Ommen
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04 Aug 2007

Hi Pete,

I'm real sorry you got the bullet that was meant for me. If I hadn't gone on R&R you might still be alive instead of me.

I still remember that night that we fixed bayonets on that rat in our bunker that you couldn't kill, and it got away.

You're not forgotten, buddy.

Semper Fi

L/Cpl F. L. Heckerman


A Note from The Virtual Wall

In early April the North Vietnamese Army's 325C Division (18th, 95th, and 101st Regiments) moved through Laos and positioned itself to capture the combat base at Khe Sanh. By 25 April the 18th Regiment had emplaced itself on Hill 861, one of three hills which controlled key terrain around Khe Sanh. The 3rd Marine Division commander determined that the three hills had to be denied to the enemy.

After heavy fighting, the Marines captured Hill 661, decimating the 18th Regiment, and turned toward Hills 881 North and 881 South, defended by the NVA 95th Regiment.

The initial assault on Hill 881 was made by elements of the 3rd and 9th Marines on 30 April and was not successful - the enemy was well entrenched on the crest of the steep hills and vigorously resisted the Marine advance. By nightfall, the Marines withdrew from the hill, having lost 58 dead and hundreds wounded. Hill 881 South was subjected to heavy supporting arms fire on 01 May and captured on 02 May.

Pfc Richard Ommen was killed in action during the initial assault on 30 April.

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