Frederick Richard Ohler

Specialist Four, Army of the United States


From Garden City, New York

19 June 1944 - 11 April 1968

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Frederick Richard Ohler is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 49E Line 025.

17 Feb 2008

Rick Ohler was a man of great strength and personal courage. He was at the time of Tet in a more secure compound, however frantic calls for help were received from the S-4, which was being over run outside the northeast perimeter of Saigon.

Rick Ohler volunteered to go out there to assist his fellow soldiers who were being over run. Words cannot describe his bravery. The place where he went was known to be dangerous even before Tet, and now the Viet Cong were flooding the Saigon suburbs from the north and northeast.

Rick gave his life attempting to rescue his fellow man. He had his whole future ahead of him, was a bright intelligent man who spoke ill of no man. He was wounded terribly when the gun ships had to be called in on his position, and later died of his wounds. He was a hero to us all.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and fellow Vietnam veteran,
John Eberth

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