Joseph Lynn Meade

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
27 June 1949 - 25 January 1969
Kingsport, Tennessee
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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10 Sep 2003

Joe was a high school friend.
We served in Nam at same time, but I didn't see him there.

Joe was a popular guy, and if ya ever talked to him, you would know why! His patriotism was just as evident prior to his going to War.

Sports were his forte, an excellent football player and surely destined for a great career in that sport. At our high school there was talk of an All-American, and he didn't disappoint us! I think Joe had one girlfriend in his life and everyone kind of accepted that they would be Mr. and Mrs. at some time. Susan was the main ingredient in Joes' life, it was evident. God Bless you Joe Meade, may you rest in Peace in our Lords' Garden!! And God Bless you also Susan!


A memorial initiated by a high school friend.
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12 Nov 2003

What a tragedy it was to lose such a fine young man. Joe & I attended elementary school together and were friends for many years. I saw Joe just prior to him going to Vietnam to serve his tour. He even made the comment that he thought he would not come home from that terrible war. I will never forget those last words that he spoke to me.

For many years I have often wondered how life after Vietnam would have been for Joe. I know for a fact that he would have been a true asset in our world. He was without a doubt one of the finest people I have known in my life.

Rest in peace, Joe.

I think of you often.

Joe Tipton

A Note from The Virtual Wall

In the latter part of January 1969 the 3/26 Marines participated in Operation BOLD MARINER, a sweep of the Batangan Peninsula. By the 24th, Mike 3/26 had been withdrawn from the tightening cordon and was employed in the extremely hazardous business of searching booby-trapped tunnels and equipment caches. On 25 January twelve Marines and one Navy Corpsman were killed by booby traps and mines:
  • A Co, 5th Tank Bn:
    • SSgt Joe R. Boswell, Steele, MO

  • H&S Co, 3rd Bn, 26th Marines:
    • Cpl Amil Jackson, San Antonio, TX
    • HN Robert M. Langslow, La Puente, CA
    • Pfc John J. Fogarty, Bluffs, IA
    • Pfc Bruce D. Oakes, Fort Worth, TX

  • I Co, 3rd Bn, 26th Marines:
  • L Co, 3rd Bn, 26th Marines:
    • 2ndLt Jon F. Warmbrodt, Santa Monica, CA (Silver Star)

  • M Co, 3rd Bn, 26th Marines:
    • Cpl James R. Copeland, Rockmart, GA
    • LCpl David W. Riemer, Mentor, OH
    • Pfc Anibal S. Cabral, New Bedford, MA
    • Pfc Joseph L. Meade, Kingsport, TN (Silver Star)
    • Pfc Jackie L. Morrison, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Pvt Lawrence G. Borquez, Los Angeles, CA

On the following day, a specially equipped amphibious tractor was brought in to try to open paths through the mine fields using line charges. Seven Marines were killed when one of the charges prematurely detonated within the AMTRAC:

  • H&S Co, 3rd AMTRAC Bn:
    • 2ndLt Russell L. Equi, Easton, CT
    • SSgt Robert L. Johnson, Falconer, NY
    • Cpl Charles A. Brezinski, Oyster Bay, NY
    • LCpl Martin J. Gimbert, Virginia Beach, VA
    • LCpl Stanley H. Newman, Jacksonville, FL
    • LCpl Bradley E. Suchka, East Gary, IN

  • Svc Bn (Prov), 9th MAB:
    • Capt Marvin Cook, North Little Rock, AR

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