Michael Carmelo Mannina

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
30 May 1947 - 10 November 1968
Bellmore, New York
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Michael C Mannina

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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16 Feb 2002

I was drafted in to the Army on September 6, 1967, and went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, for basic training.

Michael Mannina was in my basic training company: Company E of the Fourth Battalion, First Training Brigade. We commenced training on 18 September and completed training on 10 November 1967.

I was sent to Korea, and it was in Korea while I was reading the daily military newspaper "Stars & Stripes," that I read that Michael Mannina was killed on 10 November 1968.

I remember him well, and will not forget his sacrifice. He was killed exactly one year after we completed Basic Training.

The photo of Michael is from the Basic Training class book.

Neil Mishalov

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SP4 Michael Mannina is remembered by his comrades of the
16th Infantry Regiment

08 August 2002

Michael C. Mannina will always be remembered by me as the light of my Junior English class at Mepham High School. His death was, and remains to this day, a real tragedy. A waste of a beautiful life.


From a friend,
Susan McMichael

9 Sep 2004

I was in Michael's unit in Vietnam, Bravo Company, 2/16th, Oscar Platoon, First Infantry Division. I served with Mike from April 68 til his death on November 10, 1968. Mike has been missed but not forgotten. He was a true brother in arms. The guys from Oscar/Bravo 2/16th will always remember him.

From a friend,
Raymond S. Hahn

09 Jan 2006

I knew Mike from Junior High to High School. The shop teacher used to call him "Foundry Man" because he liked to do metal casting. I ran into him one time in a chow hall. He recognized me, I didn't recognize him, he had changed a lot. His name is memorialized by the class of 1966 in the lobby of Wellington C. Mepham High School, which I also graduated from with him. His name is set in bronze forever, along with 5 others who gave their lives. We put up this monument four years ago at our 35th reunion, which had he been there, would have saluted the others as I did. God Bless, Foundry Man, rest in peace.

From a friend,
Steven Hager
Huntington, New York 11746

19 Mar 2006

I served with Mike in Viet Nam. I remember the day well. He and 3 others were lost although Mike survived for a few days. Such a waste and such a fine young man. God rest their souls.

From a fellow Bravo 2/16th Soldier 68/69,
Don Oberkiser
200 Lane 110B West Otter Lake, Angoal, In 46703

21 Apr 2007

Yea, my last name is Mannina. I was maybe wondering if this guy may be related to me. But I don't ever remember any of my parents talking about a Michael Mannina. But my name is Jedd Mannina, so I dunno, I live in Brooklyn, New York and this guy Michael also lived in New York. A lot of my relatives came from Sicily and moved to New York. Hopefully this guy is related to me. That would be awesome.

Jedd Mannina
Brooklyn, New York

25 May 2007

I'm 16 and a junior at Mepham High School in Bellmore, N.Y. I would just like to say thank you to Michael, the others listed on that bronze sign, and everyone else for what they sacrificed.

My dad was drafted but the day before he had to go he got a phone call stating that he was excused from being drafted due to him being under a doctor's care, he had braces. :)

Thank you,
Grey U. Culbreth, Jr.
(hopeful future Army Infantry Officer)
Wantagh, N. Y. 11793

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Bravo Company, 2nd of the 16th Infantry, lost three men to enemy mortar fire on 05 Nov 1968: A fourth man, SP4 Michael C. Mannina, was wounded by the mortar fire and died of his wounds on 10 November 1968.

Mepham High School

The men named on the plaque at Mepham High School are

  • Sgt Edward F. Barry, B Co, 2nd Bn, 47th Infantry, KIA 15 Feb 1969
  • 1Lt Greg B. Ellison, B Co, 2nd Bn, 505th Infantry, KIA 17 Jan 1969
  • SP4 James M. Kendrick, C Co, 3rd Bn, 39th Infantry, KIA 11 March 1967
  • LCDR William B. Klenert, RVAH-6, USS CONSTELLATION, MIA 22 Oct 1966
  • SP4 Michael C. Mannina, B Co, 2nd Bn, 16th Infantry, DoW 10 Nov 1968
  • SP4 Charles J. Meerholz, Jr, B Co, 1st Bn, 69th Armor, KIA 21 Apr 1968
  • Cpl Richard J. Weidner, D Co, 1st Bn, 52nd Infantry, KIA 25 May 1968
  • SP4 Joseph A. Mancuso, B Co, 1st Bn, 8th Infantry, KIA 19 May 1967
  • Cpl Joseph Mandarino, B Co, 1st Bn, 35th Infantry, KIA 07 Feb 1968
  • Cpl William A. Wicks, C Co, 3rd Bn, 21st Infantry, KIA 12 Jul 1970

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