Larry Joe Luckett

United States Navy
20 November 1948 - 11 February 1969
Pomona, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Larry J. Luckett

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19 Jul 2004


Larry, it has been thirty years since you have been gone, it seems like only yesterday. I still remember all the fun and good times we had. We miss you so much. Mom has never been the same. I know you are in a better place, but I just wish you were still here. You have a beautiful daughter and a lovely grand daughter and grand son. You would be so proud. Your daughter is very curious about you. I just wish she could have known her dad. I'm sure our dad is with you now. You see he left us too. I think of you all the time. I even went to see your name on the moving Wall both times it was here. It still did not seem real. I want you to know I love you very much and look to see you again someday. Please know Lela, Steven and I talk about you all the time. You will never be forgotten.

Your loving sister,
Linda Thompson

"A precious one from us is gone, a voice we love is still.
A place is vacant in our hearts, that never can be filled.
Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast,
There by love overshadowed, sweetly your soul shall rest."

Larry's name,
and those of the two men who died with him,
as they appear on The Moving Wall.

11 Feb 2006

My Dear Brother Larry, I just want to let you know you left us 36 years ago. Larry, life has never been the same since you left us. But I know you are safe in the arms of Jesus, also daddy is there with you. Also other family and friends. Larry, I also want you to know your best friend Ron Laratta finally found us. We finally learned of all that happened. It is lonely still for Mom, Linda, Steven, your daugther Candice and Myself. I just took a moment to let you know there is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you and others. Your niece Steven's daugther Cardessa is off to war now too. Larry, there is so much I wish I could say to you. But we never will stop thinking of you or loving you, it still seems as if it was only yesterday and you were here with us. Although you may be gone from us but not forgotten we will always hold you in our hearts. I know you and Linda had a special bond like twins but you know all of us were a close knit family. Larry, as I sit and write this little note as if only for a moment it is still yesterday and you are here with us. I had to weep for a moment. I know you see my tears, but my Loving Brother you will always be in our hearts.

We Love you, Larry.

Love from your sister,
36 Years Ago Feb 11, 1969

Lela D. Steadman

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The US Naval Forces Vietnam Command History for February 1969 contains the following entry:
"As part of Operation KEEL HAUL, on the evening of 11 February, three ambushes were set up along the Vam Co Dong River, utilizing two PBRs at each location. A roving patrol of two PBRs was established on the river, remaining in the area of operations. The roving patrol, PBRs 40 and 123, was proceeding north on the river to rendezvous with tango boats, also part of the operation, when they came under heavy rocket and automatic weapons fire from the west bank of the river about 9 miles northwest of Duc Hoa (XS 468 038). The enemy ambush area was estimated to be 400 meters long and contained four B-40 rocket positions and 10-12 automatic weapons positions. The lead boat, PBR 123, received one B-40 rocket hit on the forecastle centerline cleat. PBR 40, the cover boat, received two B-40 rounds in the stern sheet area. The cover boat ran aground on the east bank of the river at full speed ending up 25-30 meters inland of the beach. Initial U.S. casualties were one wounded on the lead boat; one killed, one missing, and two wounded, one of them critically, on the cover boat. The critically wounded sailor subsequently died of wounds and the sailor listed as missing was later found dead. PBRs from one of the ambush sites raced to the scene. With the arrival of the tango boats, 60 troops from C Company, 2/27th Infantry were inserted for perimeter security for salvage operations. Two alpha boats and two tango boats were needed to pull the PBR off the beach. After successful freeing the boat it was towed to Tra Cu. While searching for the missing in action sailor, a small enemy arms cache was discovered. Enemy casualties for this encounter are unknown."
Three men killed aboard PBR-40 were
  • EN2 Lonnie E. Hoopaugh, Candor, NC
  • SN John A. Belford, Detroit, MI
  • SN Larry J. Luckett, Pomona, CA

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