Patrick Eugene Lawlor
Army of the United States
Oakland, New Jersey
March 17, 1949 to May 30, 1970
PATRICK E LAWLOR is on the Wall at Panel W10, Line 121

Patrick E Lawlor
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The 1st and 5th Battalions of the 46th Infantry were ORGANIC/ASSIGNED to the 23rd Infantry Division but ATTACHED/OPCON to the 196th and 198th Brigades, respectively, during the period 15 February 1969 to 1 November 1971, therefore, the brigade shoulder patches do not show in medals box above. For most of the time the 46th Infantry was in Vietnam, 1st Battalion was OPCON to 196th and 5th Battalion was OPCON to 198th. Read 46th Infantry Vietnam assignment history here.

196TH INFANTRY BRIGADE               198infbde.gif      
196th Infantry Brigade    198th Infantry Brigade

Patrick attended Indian Hills High School, where he was an outstanding baseball player. He was the pitcher when the team won its first victory in 1965. Patrick graduated in 1966.

He arrived in Vietnam on March 6, 1970 where he was assigned to the 1st Battalion of the 46th. He was killed by a booby-trap while on patrol 11 kilometers southwest of Tam Ky Airfield, South Vietnam.

He was survived by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lawlor, two sisters, Lori and Jean and three brothers, Stephen, Michael and James. There is a memorial in Veterans' Park and Lawlor Drive, Oakland, NJ was named in his honor.

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17 Apr 2007

Your humility and strength continue to guide me.

From his sister,
Jean Carafello


23 Sep 2007

I grew up only a couple of houses away from Patrick and his family. His father was like a second father to me when I was a child. Patrick's loss was felt by so many people but his life was felt by so many as well.

So many years have passed and I still think of the loss of Pat and how much his family felt his absence.

May God bless all those who were left behind - I pray that you and your father are together ... both of you able to laugh as I remember when we would go fishing or out to Mrs Perkins' place.

From a family friend,

Rolf Stutzer
42 Princeton Terrace, Oakland, N J

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