Michael J Knox

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
08 March 1950 - 07 July 1971
Olney, Illinois
Panel 03W Line 103


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Mar 1998


by a friend from Olney,
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01 Mar 2006

Mike was my brother, he was ten years and three days older than I am. I remember him for so many things other than being a Vietnam War Hero. The two of us would commonly share our birthday party. One year my mother delivered a beautiful German chocolate cake to the table for our celebration and went back into the kitchen to retrieve the candles. Mike, being mischievous, decided to take a bite out of the side of the cake. Then he pushed it over to me and I did the same. I passed the plate to my brother Tim and then it went to Mary Ann then Steve and then to Bob all in turn. When Mom returned from the kitchen the only thing left of the wonderful cake was a pile and six children giggling and chewing.

Alex J. Knox, AIA

07 Mar 2006

I am Mike's brother, Tim. I was twelve when he passed. Thoughout my whole life I wanted to be like him. Mike had a good side and sometimes a bad side. He was smart, athletic, amiable, funny, courageous and an outdoorsman. He could also be moody, stubborn, tough and prone to fits of temper. He was one of those guys who never comanded respect but got it anyway. We feel that because he was who he was, he would have been successful at any endeavor he chose had he returned from Vietnam. I remember as the car containing his body moved from the funeral home to the church (and later to Arlington Cemetery), people were looking out from the windows of their houses. I saw a man who was cutting the grass shut off his mower to remove a cap and put it over his heart. I saw true mourning from strangers.

I'm sure that cemetery at Arlington has hundreds of Mike Knox's in it. Each one left us without a hero, a leader, a friend, a husband or a father. The Mike we knew left a hole in our hearts and probably, in the bigger picture, a hole in society. Maybe he and the others would want to be remembered but, at the same time, would expect us to enjoy our lives and take the responsibility to fill those holes in society with new and peaceful means. My mother told me this once and I belive it to be true - That the candles we see burn the brightest, sadly seem to be the ones that burn for the shortest amount of time.

From his brother,
Timothy J. Knox

07 Mar 2006

You are my hero, always and forever.
I am so proud to be your sister.
You will always be remembered and cherished
in my heart and the hearts of anyone who knew you.

The world lost a bright star when your light was snuffed out.
We still grieve.
We still miss your smile.
We still laugh at your jokes.
We still feel the pain of loosing you.

As our dad would say, "Until we meet again ... May God hold you in the palm of His hand."

Until we meet again...

From his little sister,
Mary Ann

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother,
Alex J. Knox
27 Mar 1998

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