Gordon Lee Kimmel

Specialist Four, Army of the United States


From Stoystown, Pennsylvania

01 August 1949 - 02 September 1971

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Gordon Lee Kimmel is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 02W Line 008 .

22June 2005

I served with Gordy Kimmel in both the 3/506 and 1/502 in Vietnam and was with Gordy the day he hit the booby trap.

Gordy was a happy person, often with a mischievous smile that reminded me of a leprechaun. He had just celebrated his 22nd birthday a couple weeks before and shared the Gordon's Vodka his mom had sent him (my birthday was the day before his).

Gordy was a great trooper and did not deserve what happened to him. I think of him often.

From a fellow grunt,
Mike Lachance

PS - I would love to hear back from Gordie's buddy from Stoystown who contacted me after I posted a memorial on another site ... someone is writing a book about the KIAs from the 3/506 and wants to include Gordy's story there.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow grunt,
Mike Lachance
Baltimore, Maryland

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