Garry Lynn Ihrig

United States Marine Corps
10 August 1947 - 26 November 1967
Parkville, Missouri
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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30 Mar 2005

Hi Lynn

It's been 37 years since you gave the ultimate sacrifice of your life for all of us. Do you know how much you are still missed? I think about you every single day and pray you have found the comfort that comes with knowing you did your very best!!!

You were such a special person and a true friend to all. You had the courage to stand for what you believed in and never gave less than the best of yourself. I grieve for the loss of the young man you were and also for the wonderful man you would have become. You never got the chance to share the lives of those you left behind but I know in my heart that you have never left any of us in spirit!! You are there in all the greatest things life has to offer, and I know you haven't missed any of the Trojan's football games either. Now that your Dad is with you, I can just picture you two watching those games together. I want you to know I feel better just knowing you are likely keeping an eye on things here. You will always be 20 years old, always part of a more "innocent" time, and always be remembered and missed by those of us whose lives you touched!! Be at peace, my friend!!!!!

10 Aug 2005


Today, August 10th, would have been your 58th birthday. I want you to know I thought about you today and my wish for you is that you are happy and at peace. You are remembered!! You are missed!! Thank you for the gift of freedom you gave us all when you sacrificed your own life. Thank you especially for being you. Each one of us is a better person due to the experience of having our lives touched by you!!! Soar with eagles, my friend !!!

From a friend,
Bobbi Flinn

17 Aug 2005

You served your country well, Sir, and you gave your life honorably. I may only be 16 now, but all I can say is "Semper Fi".

From a stranger,
Naomi Utter

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1/1 Marines Command Chronology for November 1967 contains the following entry:
"26 NOV - Company A, while on patrol to the northeast of Con Thien, engaged a reinforced NVA platoon. Company A received 20-30 rounds of 60mm mortar and 40-50 rounds of 82mm mortar along with automatic weapons and small arms fire. Company D was sent to cover the extraction of Company A. Friendly casualties were 7 KIA, 15 WIA (MEDEVAC), and 13 WIANE. NVA casualties were 6 KIA (C) and 19 KIA (P)."
The seven men killed in the action were
  • Cpl John B. Allen, Philadelphia, PA
  • Cpl Richard P. Houston, Eastlake, OH
  • Cpl Garry L. Ihrig, Parkville, MO
  • Cpl James L. Melvin, East Boxford, MA (Silver Star)
  • HM3 Michael J. Thirkettle, Whittier, CA (Silver Star) (H&S with Alpha 1/1)
  • Pfc Paul M. Dumin, Southington, CT
  • Pfc Charles P. Lirot, Bloomington, IN

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