Jesse Leroy Hancock

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
04 November 1932 - 29 January 1966
Seattle, Washington
Panel 04E Line 109

SPECIAL FORCES Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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13 Nov 2002
Revisited 06 Jul 2004

Peace is only maintained by a ready and willing military.

It is unfortunate but some will die. It is that reality that makes all within the military heroes. Some will risk their lives while others provide the support to minimize the risk. Pacivism does not protect against those who would threaten world peace. Peace can only be maintained by a ready force to enforce the peace.

I found this name, "Leroy Hancock", at the Moving Wall. Not having known personally anyone who made the sacrifice I took my last name 'Hancock' and my state 'Washington' and found the name of Leroy Hancock.

He is just one of the many listed who served their country, paying the ultimate sacrifice.

The poem "Hero's Price" was originally written for Sergeant Chapman (the first soldier killed by hostile enemy fire in the War on Terrorism). I rewote the first line to apply to all the Heroes who died in our service.

by Roger W Hancock

Fallen soldier, American hero.
To serve is soldiers' sacrifice.
Heroes all, soldiers mission,
Some will die for freedom's sake.

Duty to serve, duty to risk,
To run the gauntlet, his life for country.
He paid the price for our security.
The ultimate cost for freedom's sake.

Families pride though little solace.
Sacrificed... their son for country.
His parents are home-side heroes.
Their hearts are torn 'tween grief and pride.

The wife and children shall not forget
The husband, father they loved so well.
Sacrifice for us they bear,
The solemn grief, with pride they wear.

Patriot lives cost, born America.
Fallen soldier joins freedom's greats.
We citizens grieve each price of life.
Patriot life paid to secure the USA.

Roger W Hancock

by Roger W Hancock

Vietnam one word, one nation's name,
Describes an era of pain and shame.
Mission undefined, misunderstood,
War lost - not necessarily so.
Prices paid were not in vain,
Gain was freedom oppression detained.
Advancement of Communist tyranny,
The Iron Curtain kept confined.
Shame of an era, shame of the free,
Heroes not honored, shame of the free.
A lesson learned that heroes be heralded,
Brave soldiers served, survived or dead.
Vietnam War will always remind,
The heroes we failed to hail.
Liberty kept, by soldiers who fought,
For their Country, for you, for me.
The missions served, men who braved,
Deserving Honor that was not paid.
Shame of an era is not the war,
Not those who in Vietnam served.
Shame lies upon you and I, who
Denied the honors of those who served.
Better now late than never at all,
Now never forget to - honor them all.

Roger W Hancock

From a visitor to the Moving Wall,
Roger W Hancock
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 29 January 1966 four men of Recon Team Capitol died in an engagement with NVA forces near Bong Son in the An Lao Valley, Binh Dinh Province:

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a visitor to the Moving Wall,
Roger W Hancock
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13 Nov 2002

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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