William Archie Gritts

Army of the United States
01 April 1948 - 13 June 1968
Hulbert, Oklahoma
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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13 Feb 2001

I love you and miss you as much today as I did 33 years ago.

Your loving sister

31 May 2004


Remember, Billy, how scared we were,
when we went to Vietnam?
And all the guys we met there,
like Luke, George, and Tom?

Remember the way we talked,
about the way things were back home?
The politics and the protesters,
and how the media made it known?

Times were hard back then,
and to think, we were such boys,
but I never for a moment thought
the weapons we used were toys.

I'll never forget the feeling I had
and how sick I was inside,
the morning they brought George in,
and later that day he died.

Luke and Tom went out next.
Their chopper never came back.
Then things became real crazy,
and we fell under attack.

Finally all the smoke cleared,
it was then I found you dead.
I screamed and cried to God above,
"Why didn't You take me instead?"

But there is something I want to show you,
they've constructed a gigantic Wall.
And each and every one,
is listed that took the fall.

Just look at this right here,
There's Luke, George, and Tom,
and over here ... is you and me,
we all died in Vietnam.

This was written by Connie Moore and is my memorial to my brother Bill on this Memorial Day, 2004. In two weeks, it will be 36 years and it still hurts like yesterday. I love you!

From his sister,
Linda Payne

12 Mar 2001


Striding through the passing years,
with the grace of generations.
flowing mane to mark her passage,
hoofbeats echo down the wind.

She has played our painted pony,
a great warhorse for the chief,
she has chased our imagined demons,
through darkened forest leaves.

She has lain upon a bed of straw,
and borne a son to run,
through fields of grass and flowers,
through days of summer sun.

She has been our playmate, tried and true,
our almost human friend,
she has led us through the days of youth,
she has helped us ride the wind.

She has shared our lives,
these many years,
through hope and disappointment,
through ecstacy and tears.

Our borrowed time is ended now,
she yearns for another place,
where the wind is fair, the grass is green,
and the sun plays on her face.

And waiting there to meet her,
is a boy not yet a man,
who left her many years ago,
in his family's loving hands.

Perhaps they'll ride for old times sake,
with loves and lives revealed,
and let the memories carry them,
home, to Oklahoma fields.

I wrote this for you on 4/3/91.
I love you, Uncle Bill, and I know Nava is with you.
When we meet again, maybe you will take me for a ride?

Your loving niece,
Shelly Rizzo Robinson

12 Mar 2001

To my dear brother


Although I was only 6 years old the day you went away,
how our family cried and cried, we wanted you to stay.

Our hearts were sad, and in our minds we wondered
"Will we ever see him again?"

But now that I am all grown up, I know you're with my friend,
you gave your life, so our country could be free.
The lives you saved, the people you touched,
how blessed you must be.

You have fought the fight, and your battle has been won.
And now you may rest, my dear brother, you're living with the Son.

I have a newborn baby who is with you and Jesus my friend.
Brother, keep close watch over her until we meet again.

I love you.

Your baby sister,

Donna Marie Gritts Graham

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Charlie Company, 2/27th Infantry, lost seven men on 13 June 1968:
  • CPL John C. Cupp, Noblesville, IN
  • CPL William A. Gritts, Hulbert, OK
  • SP4 Raul Ramos-Jimenez, Bayamon, PR
  • CPL Gary L. Richardson, Red Bluff, CA
  • CPL Coy E. Stroble, North Little Rock, AR
  • CPL Gary L. Vantol, Ripon, CA
  • PFC Ronald A. Wilson, Oakland, CA (Silver Star)

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Linda Payne
13 Feb 2001

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