Jack William Grandahl
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Ironwood, Michigan
November 16, 1947 to February 13, 1968
JACK W GRANDAHL is on the Wall at Panel 39E, Line 21

Jack W Grandahl
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04 Jun 2002

Dear Jack,

It sure is hard to believe that 34 years have passed since we received word of your KIA status in the province of Gia Dinh, Vietnam. It seems like yesterday that the shock spread throughout the halls of L. L. Wright H. S. in Ironwood, Michigan. I often wonder why and how this all happened?

You were my childhood friend and our families would often visit each other. You and I would play together, of all things -- Army. As we grew older we both became good athletes, and you, being a couple of years older, were always my role model and idol. I still have many pictures of you in your green and white uniforms of Roosevelt School where we went to school together. You were an awesome football, basketball, and baseball player in grade school and high school.

In addition to being a standout in athletics you were also a good student and had a whole lot of friends. I'll never forget the time I was hitch-hiking home from practice and you and Linda came along and went out of your way to give me a ride home. I have saved my Roosette yearbooks and am putting together a collage of your pictures that I will leave at The Wall when I eventually get there.

I, too, served in the Army, after you when things had somewhat cooled down in Southeast Asia. I often wonder if I could have helped, what exactly happened, and why? I just want you to know that I think of you, you are NOT forgotten, and you are missed.

Your buddy,
John Brottlund

If anyone out there knew Jack, or had the pleasure
of serving with him in 1967-68, please contact me.

John Brottlund
Phone: (715) 453-5748
2832 Prairie Lake Rd.
Tomahawk, WI 54487

17 Feb 2006

Dear Jack,

Here it is another February, another day and another year without you. Time heals but never erases the last time I saw your face. So many heartwarming times are etched into my memory. Never will I forget the years we had together growing up. The great times and the precious time we had with Mom.

Every day I wish you were here. My children would love you so. My grandchildren would think you were the best, just as I did during our childhood.

I often wonder how many children you would have had. Not only was I robbed of our time together but so were our children and grandchildren. So many holidays have passed, yet never one without a story about you.

Another February without you but not without the memories of you.

Love forever,

26 Jul 2007

Dear Jack,

I can't believe I am going to be 40 years old already. I so often wonder how it would have been growing up with a big brother, or any brother at all. How things should have been so different. I so hope you would be proud of me. I have been told all my life what a great guy you were, I just wish I could have met you and have known you. I have a lot of pics of you and you sure were a handsome guy, you must have gotten that from Daddy. But I know you guys are together right now with your mom, I just wait for the day we are in Heaven together again. I look so forward to meeting you on that day. Until then I love you.

Jyl Rae (Grandahl) Kimball
9341 Besser Court, Montague, Mi 49437

Jack W Grandahl

16 Aug 2007

Hey Uncle Jack,

My mom showed me this website and I thought it was so neat. I never got to meet you, but from what I hear I would have loved you. It's so sad to read all about you before you went into the army and then to think of what happened. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? I just want you to know that I look forward to meeting you some day.

Love Always,

From his niece,
Tabitha Kimball
9341 Besser Court, Montague, Michigan 49437

21 Apr 2008

Jack William Grandahl was my only nephew, he was the only son of my only sister Jean and Reuben Grandahl, the oldest grandson of my parents, Aina and Leonard Hauta, and the only brother of Susan, Gretchen, and Jyl.

We lost Jackie in the War in Viet Nam on February 13, 1968, and our lives have never been the same. He was such a perfect nephew, brother, son, and grandson. Tall and handsome, with blue eyes, dark hair, perfect features, a great personality, and a wonderful athlete.

Living in California did not allow us to see Jack very often but when we would visit Michigan, he was always fun and loving. He was so kind to his cousins Frankie, Linnea, and Paul.

His last Valentine's Day package sent by his loving Grandmother Hauta came back to the Bessemer post office a few weeks after he was killed in action. The postmaster did not have the heart to return it to Mrs. Hauta. They called his cousin, Albert Soderman, a Deputy Sheriff, and asked him to do it. He could not deliver the package with the words "Deceased" marked on the top so he took it to his own home and wept.

There are many other sad memories of that bad time. I have so much guilt because I could not fly to Michigan for the funeral. My children were sick at the time and I am terribly afraid to fly to Michigan in the winter. Jack, dear, rest in peace. We will be together once again where we can watch you play football for Ironwood High School.

Your loving aunt,
Marijune Hauta Wissmann
Alhambra, Ca. 91803


SP4 Jack William Grandahl died from wound received while on a combat operation when his unit engaged a hostile force in a firefight. He was reported missing on 13 February 1968. His body was later recovered and he was declared killed in action on 21 February 1968. During this same fight, SGT Larry Wayne Barnard Knoxville, Tennessee, was also declared missing. He was recovered and declared dead on 29 February 1968.

SP4 Grandahl is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Ironwood, Michigan along with his mother and father. He was survived by his father Reuban Jacob Grandahl (1924-2002), sisters Gretchen M Grandahl (1963-2010), Susan and Jyl. He was predeceased by his mother Jean (Hauta) Grandahl (1927-1964). Jack's father served in WWII as a Technical 5 from 11 May 1943 to 3 January 1946. Reuban remarried Charlotte R Berg (1935-2015) date unknown.

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