Lawrence Dean Gosen

Lieutenant Commander
United States Navy
04 February 1938 - 23 July 1968
Bingham Lake, Minnesota
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Naval Aviator

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Lawrence D Gosen

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15 Jan 2002

You Are Not Forgotten

From a shipmate,
John Mudgett, ADCS(AW), USN (Ret)
13 Apr 2005

Larry Gosen was my roomate during the TICONDEROGA (CVA-14) cruise and I was his flight leader for the flight on which he was killed. An A-4F which was assigned to VA-23 during Larry's tenure with the squadron has been located, restored to original appearance including being painted in VA-23 colors, and will be dedicated to Larry and LT Stan Smiley. LT Smiley was assigned to VA-23 and was killed in action on the USS ORISKANY (CVA-34) cruise subsequent to the TICONDEROGA cruise. Both men were fine officers who gave their lives for their country while flying in combat.

Respectfully from a squadronmate,
William Fuller Gilchrist, LCDR USN (Ret)
15150 Andorra Way, San Diego, Ca 92129

29 Nov 2005

I am proud knowing of my father. God has given him a great calling which he loves to fly and be able to serve in U.S. Military at the same time. I want to acknowledge and thank all men and women who have gone out on the duty to make the difference at that time, and took care good of my father, Lawrence Dean Gosen, and cheered him while away from home, and been with him when he died, not alone.

I thank you, the USS MIDWAY Museum of San Diego for bringing my father's love, his airplane on display to show how much he loved the plane and had been proud to serve as the pilot and being on the carrier USS TICONDEROGA.

From his son,
John Gosen

Notes from The Virtual Wall

Gosen was launched from the portside bow catapult in an A-4F SKYHAWK on a RESCAP (Rescue Combat Air Patrol) mission. The aircraft was observed to rotate slightly, proceed 200 yards directly ahead of the ship and impact in the water. The aircraft was launched with 16 knots excess end speed. No landing gear or flap retraction was witnessed, and no radio transmission was made. The aircraft exploded on impact with the water.

An A-4F that was in VA-23 for the squadron's last two Western Pacific cruises has been restored to original squadron colors and placed on permanent display aboard the USS MIDWAY, now a museum ship in San Diego, California. The aircraft, bearing LCDR Gosen's and LT Smiley's names, was dedicated on 17 Sep 2005.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his son,
John Gosen
15 Jan 2002

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