Kenneth B Goff, Jr

Army of the United States
09 March 1943 - 13 March 1978
Warwick, Rhode Island
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Ranger Tab

Combat Infantry

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Kenneth B Goff

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15 Jan 2001

I wore your bracelet with pride and I still have it to this day.

All gave some ... Some gave All.

From a grateful Australian.

Please visit my
personal memorial to Major Goff

Noel Johnson

30 Sep 2005

Your sister now has my bracelet with your name on it.

Noel Johnson
Melbourne, Australia

15 Oct 2004

You have never been forgotten, and you will never grow old in my mind. You were my neighbor in Warwick; I went to school with your sister. I wore your silver POW/MIA bracelet until it broke, and I wear my worn-out red bracelet even now ... every day!


Joan McCaffrey

7 Nov 2004

Dear Mr. Goff:

I want to thank you for the sacrifice you made for me and all my fellow Americans, that we may continue the freedom hard-won by your predecessors in the American Revolution.

I have had your bracelet since you were lost in Vietnam and still do to this day. It was a very strange occurance since you were from Warwick, Rhode Island, and I lived and still live there. The odds of getting a bracelet from a serviceman from your own hometown must be very high indeed.

Actually my mother was the person who officially received the bracelet but it came to me soon after. My mom passed in 2002.

I served in the Navy but just after the end of the Vietnam War so I was a peacetime serviceman. I worked in a V.A. Hospital for a number of years and got to speak with many Vietnam vets. I never ran across anyone who knew you, though several Rhode Islanders had heard of you.

I had always hoped that you would be returned to your parents someday and then I would present them with the bracelet I have had for over thirty years. I still hope.

Eternally Yours, Richard A. Dunn, Jr.
Warwick, Rhode Island, 2004

29 Sep 2005

I just want to thank you for your sacrifice and service. I may not have been around then, being that I am only 20, but your sacrifice still holds dear to me now. I have your POW/MIA silver bracelet and I wear it every day with pride and honor. There is not a day that goes by where I do not look at it and say a little prayer for you. I just want to let you know that you are not forgotten. You are a true hero to today's young Americans like myself. Your memory is still alive and we will keep it alive. Once again, thank you and God-bless.

*~*~*~Gone but Never Forgotten~*~*~*

Ashley Ledoux

26 Oct 2005

Recently, part of my home was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. While cleaning up, I found Kenneth Goff's bracelet. I remember wearing it as a teenager; I never wanted to throw it away because I always hoped he would be found and I could send it to him. Through your Web site, I learned more about it than I ever knew then. I will continue to keep it and think about him.

Kendra Comiskey

07 Jun 2006

I also wore your bracelet for many years and thought of you often. You had the same first name as my Dad and he too was a military man. I always hoped you would be found and returned to your family. I even once spoke with your sister and sent her the bracelet I had worn for so many years. I remember your sister telling me that you had been in a flag guard of some sort that was televised in your hometown area. I tried to find tape of it to see you but never could get anywhere with my search. If anyone knows of this they should put it here in your memorial pages. May God be with you!

Barbara Gail Cline

27 Mar 2008

As a teenager I wore your braclet during high school with the hope of one day contacting you. You were in my thoughts and prayers daily.

In 1991 I contacted the Defense Department to see if there had been updates about you but the privacy act did not allow any further information. I appreciate now being informed and can only hope that you are at peace and know you will never be forgotten.

Melody Pietscher
Camanche, Iowa
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From the
"On August 24, 1967, a UH-1C helicopter (serial #66-12526) departed Polei Kleng enroute Plei Krong on a combat support liaison mission. Four aircrewmen and five passengers were aboard the aircraft. During the flight, the pilot elected to fly low-level along the Dak Bla River. While attempting a 180 degree turn, the aircraft failed to recover and crashed into the Krong Bo Lah River in about 10 feet of water. Rescue helicopters arrived within minutes after the crash and rescued four people; one body was recovered later. Four bodies were not recovered."
There is inconclusive evidence that two of the missing men may have been captured (see the POW Network page). The only certainty is that four men have not returned. The five men lost were
  • Aircrew, 119th AHC:
    • SP4 Richard M. Allard, Chesaning, MI (BNR)
    • SP4 Ronald L. Holtzman, White Post, VA (BNR)

  • Passengers:
    • 1LT Kenneth B. Goff, Warwick, RI, 1st Bn, 8th Infantry, 4 Inf Div (BNR)
    • 1LT Richard J. Schell, Minneiska, MN, HQ Co, 4th Inf Div (BNR)
    • 1LT Sterling A. Wall, Brookline, MA, Det A-251, B Co, 5th SF Group
All of the missing personnel (Goff, Schell, Allard, and Holtzman) were promoted while MIA, and all eventually were declared to have "Died while Missing/Body not Recovered".

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one who wears his MIA bracelet,
Noel Johnson

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