Robert Gordon Goddard

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
29 April 1947 - 26 May 1967
Jenks, Oklahoma
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Robert G Goddard

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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14 Feb 2001


From his sister,
Maxine Marriette

30 Oct 2005

A very special little brother, an ornery little snot-nosed thing, who grew up to be a beautiful person in body and spirit, someone that all who knew him were so very proud of. After all these years we are still wondering why God needed him worse than we did, but who are we to question God's motives for anything He does?

He never had a chance to live, and I tried to be there whenever he needed me, but when he needed me the most I couldn't be there. I miss you today, my baby brother, as much as the day you left us. I will always love you and will miss you till we meet again, and we will. Your Loving Sister, Maxine.

From his sister,
Maxine Marriette
1225 S. Cleveland #320, Enid, Ok. 73703

Notes from The Virtual Wall

In late April 1967 the 1st Marine Division initiated "Operation Union", a search-and-destroy effort aimed at the 21st NVA Regiment and other enemy forces operating in the Quang Nam and Quang Tin Provinces in Military Region 1. The Marines were engaged in heavy fighting throughout the first half of May, effectively destroying the NVA Regiment by mid-month.

A follow-on, "Operation Union II", was initiated on 26 May with air assaults into the Que Son Valley with the intention of locating and defeating in detail the remnants of the 21st NVA Regiment. Instead, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, found the 3rd NVA Regiment dug in near Vinh Huy.

Fighting continued throughout the afternoon. When the Marines finally overran the last enemy positions at 1630, they counted 118 dead NVA soldiers scattered over the battlefield. The 3rd Battalion lost 37 killed and 82 wounded.

  • H&S Company:
  • I Company:
    • LCpl Brock D. Elliott, Manteca, CA
    • HN Edward D. Drohosky, Gary, IN
    • Pfc Thomas G. Jones, Utica, NY
    • Pfc Alexander G. Wainio, Troy, NH

  • K Company:
    • Pfc William J. Bresnahan, Ashburnham, MA
    • Pfc Michael J. Greeley, Milwaukie, OR

  • L Company:
    • Cpl Anthony M. Cass, Artesia, NM
    • Cpl Michael H. Collins, Tampa, FL
    • Cpl Gerald F. Mc Donald, Dorchester, MA
    • Cpl Benjamin Richardson, Detroit, MI (Silver Star)
    • Cpl Joseph P. Smith, West Point, VA
    • Cpl Allen W. Stath, Rensselaer, IN
    • HM3 Laddie C. Stierwalt, Las Vegas, NV
    • Cpl Arnold G. Wilkening, Spokane, WA
    • LCpl Thomas R. Burns, Fremont, WI
    • HN Michael W. Carey, Rescue, CA
    • LCpl Lowell R. Lloyd, Woodlawn, IL (Silver Star)
    • Pfc Dennis W. Frasier, St Johnsville, NY
    • Pfc William G. Landon, Deerfield, IL
    • Pfc Joseph Matthews, Chicago, IL
    • Pfc Robert D. Millan, Southfield, MI
    • Pfc Benjamin G. Mollica, Flushing, NY
    • Pfc Jack Smaso, New York, NY

  • M Company:
    • Cpl Roger V. Inscore, Huntington Beach, CA (Silver Star)
    • Cpl James J. Menart, Mentor, OH
    • Cpl John D. Rogers, Albuquerque, NM
    • Cpl Charles A. Crump, Greenville, TX
    • LCpl Harry K. Cartrette, Clarendon, NC
    • LCpl Robert G. Goddard, Jenks, OK
    • LCpl Allan H. Kellermann, Chicago, IL

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Maxine Marriette
1225 S. Cleveland #320, Enid, Ok. 73703
14 Feb 2001

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