Sam Harris Galloway

Second Lieutenant
Army of the United States
02 August 1944 - 31 January 1968
Vidalia, Georgia
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Distinguished Service Cross

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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05 Jul 2000

Sam was my roomate in college at Auburn University.
He was an only child and so am I.
Therefore, we became more like brothers than roomates.

We shared our lives and dreams for a long time.
He was my best friend.

His family gave me his medals after his Mother died a few years ago.
I proudly have them on my study wall.
He will always be with me.

God Bless you, Sam.

Miles Martin

A Note from The Virtual Wall

"A" Company, 2/506th Infantry, lost six men on 31 Jan 1968. Two of them were awarded posthumous Distinguished Service Crosses:
  • 2LT Sam H. Galloway, Vidalia, GA (Dist Svc Cross)
  • SFC Howard E. Button, Buffalo, NY
  • SSG Helmut G. Lakaszus, Shaw AFB, SC
  • SGT Alfred P. Coffroth, Seattle, WA (Dist Svc Cross)
  • SP4 James P. Lanier, Brownsburg, IN
  • PFC Michael A. Pogue, Colusa, CA
While The Virtual Wall has not been able to locate the text of Lieutenant Galloway's DSC Citation, the following exerpt from Sergeant Coffroth's Citation provides an idea of the circumstances they faced that day:
"Sergeant Coffroth distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions on 31 January 1968 as an infantry squad leader on a search and destroy mission in the village of Dong Loch. A large enemy force had moved into the village and set up heavily fortified positions. Sergeant Coffroth's company was moving up to sweep the hamlet when it encountered intense automatic weapons and small arms fire from numerous enemy emplacements. Under a curtain of fire, Sergeant Coffroth immediately moved his squad to a more protected position. Upon reaching it, his element came under heavy grazing fire from a flanking bushline. With complete disregard for his safety, Sergeant Coffroth maneuvered to the edge of the brush, killed five of the enemy, and captured three automatic weapons and a rocket launcher. As he led his squad into the bushline, it received automatic weapons fire from a fortified bunker. Again exposing him self to a hail of bullets, Sergeant Coffroth destroyed the position with a rocket launcher, killing thirteen more insurgents. Ordering his men to withdraw, he provided covering fire for them, killing two snipers. Before he could reach a protected position for himself, Sergeant Coffroth was mortally wounded by small arms fire."

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and college roommate,
Miles Martin 
05 Jul 2000

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