Kenneth Lige Fulton

Specialist Five
Army of the United States
07 September 1946 - 15 February 1968
Belleville, Michigan
Panel 39E Line 047

Combat Medic

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Kenneth L Fulton

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20 Aug 2002

TAY NINH, 1968

On February 15, 1968, during an ambush, a plea for help was made and SP5 Fulton answered that call without concern for himself, as he always had for the last year.

"Doc" did not have to be in the position he was in, he could and should have been in the rear until the area was secured. He had less than 15 days before going back to his earthly home, but yet chose to be where his "duty" was. Instead he went to his heavenly home.

Going to the aid of a fellow soldier in need, he was killed in action.

He left a wife, a daughter, family, and a legacy of giving one's life for another.

"No greater love has he ... "

He is at the right hand of God and in the hearts of all who knew him.

I will not forget!!

From a friend,
(Sgt) Jack Engle

27 Jul 2004

Dear Kenneth

You will always be with me. I think of you all the time. You are my true love.


06 May 2007

Dear Kenneth,

Mother's Day will soon be here. You and I made a very special young lady. She is strong, proud and has your sense of humor. Every time I look into her eyes I get to see yours. I am SO glad to have this small part of you. You are living through her eyes.

God Bless and keep you eternally,
Love, Belle

27 Sep 2007

Dear Kenneth,

I still miss you every day. I wonder what life would have been like if you had come home. I dream some times about what might have happened. I know we would have had that little boy you wanted to go along with his big sister Julie. It would have been lovely if she hadn't had to be an only child.

You are still truly with me in spirit and will always be there.

I love you dearly,

From his wife,
Leah Belle Fulton
5012 S. Woodlawn, Chicago Illinois, 60615-2814
7 Aug 2004

He was all a big brother could be and more. And although his body is gone from us, his spirit and my memories of him will go on forever.

From his brother,
Jonathan Fulton
50055 Judd Rd, Belleville, Mi

14 Oct 2004

I never got a chance to meet you,

but the memories of you will be forever remembered and passed on. My father, who also served in Vietnam, always told me how brave you were that day. My mom said she always loved your smile and Grandma forever kept your spirit alive when we were growing up. She was very proud of you, Uncle Kenneth.

Love from your niece
June Burden

4 Mar 2005

Uncle Kenny

Your baby sister gave birth to me eight months after you were taken from us, and I like to believe that I carry at least some part ... some good part ... of your spirit with me every day, along with your name. Your wife and daughter have cared for me in times of need, and the love you left them radiates to everyone who is lucky enough to know them. You are still missed, even by those of us who never met you.

See you later in the clearing at the end of the path...

From his nephew,
Kenneth Fulton Evans

30 Apr 2007

My name is Barry Talley. I served with Kenny 1967 ... "Doc". I got transferred in December 67 to the 919th Eng. I drove a jeep and was always out with the mine sweep team around the Black Virgin Mountain. What a brave man. I can remamber Kenny being very funny and laughing a lot. My thoughts are still with him.

From a brother in Nam,
Barry Talley

02 Oct 2007

I was in Co. B in 1967. I knew Doc well ... good man, great medic.

I was transferred prior to the ambush but I never will forget him.

From a friend,
Barry Talley

A Note from The Virtual Wall

B Company, 588th Engineers, lost four men to an ambush on 15 Feb 1968 -
  • 1LT James M. Hill, Oak Grove, LA
  • SP5 Kenneth L. Fulton, Belleville, MI
  • SP5 Bruce A. Nelson, Malden, MO
  • SP4 Rex F. Tutor, Cleveland, OH
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5012 S. Woodlawn, Chicago Il 60615

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