Joseph Ygnacio Echanis

United States Air Force
06 October 1937 - 21 January 1975
Portland, Oregon
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Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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7 Mar 2005

I only know you from the bracelet I wear. May you come home. You are not forgotten.

Greg Hancock

14 Sep 2005

Joseph is like my brother, my son, my father, my husband ... he is remembered always and held close to my heart. I have worn Joseph's POW MIA bracelet since 1985. His mother, Timmie, is a sweet, gentle woman and gave it to me. I have made her a promise to wear it always and I shall. Joseph has been missing for as long as my eldest son has been alive. It is difficult at best to imagine how his mother, his children, his siblings, aunts and uncles all must feel not knowing for sure that he is gone and not missing in action. There is no body ... only a piece of paper stating his declaration of death. The not knowing would be the torture. I have seen his mother and sister, aunts and uncles go on with life. I don't know his children, but they too have moved on. I know there is not a day that goes by, even after all these years, that he is not remembered and cherished by his family. His mother will never give up hope that someday she will see him, and for her, neither will I.

I have adopted him into my life, wearing my bracelet on my left wrist, closest to my heart. It symbolizes for me, that no matter how much longer his mom is alive, I will keep his memory as if I were his mother, his wife, his daughter, his sister. It is the least I can do. I am a mother too and I know how I would feel if one of my sons were missing and there was no closure. I would NEVER give up. Hope would always abound. Timmie is a good example of that love for a son.

Along with Joseph, we must all hold the US soldiers in Iraq, Afghanastan and all over the world close to our hearts. There can never be an excuse not to love them and let them know that. Remember to pray.

Joseph Echanis ... From my heart to yours, always, love and affection

From a friend of the family
Kathie Hill
Ontario, Oregon

04 Nov 2005

I, too, wear his bracelet ... and have done so faithfully since 1972. He is in my thoughts always.

Mark Norwine

21 Mar 2006

I was given Joseph's POW/MIA bracelet earlier today, and I would just like to say what an honor it is to wear it as a memorial to an individual who will help me realize the importance and sincerity of my quest through AFROTC.

Brian Westrick

05 Jun 2006

I have not forgotten and always hoped.

Ewing Best

08 Sep 2006

Although I don't know this person, I recently purchased a bracelet carrying his name. I hope that my thoughts and prayers reach this individual and he returns to a grateful nation and a grateful Air Force brother.


Jim Landis
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03 Jan 2007

I began wearing your bracelet when my own brother was still over in Viet Nam, in the early 1970's. Lucky for us, he returned. Sadly, you did not. I have always included you in my prayers, and will continue to do so.

Even though my bracelet has long been tarnished, and rests on my dresser, your memory will never tarnish in the hearts of all of us who continue to hold you dear and thank you for what you have done. I join all of your bracelet wearers (although it would appear my bracelet may be older than most) in keeping your memory alive.

Teresa Houseworth
San Jose, California

A Note from The Virtual Wall

In the early morning hours of 05 Nov 1968 an F-4D "fast FAC" from the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Ubon RTAFB was working a pair of Navy strike aircraft against a target in the Ban Karai pass area of Laos. When a fireball was seen on the ground and contact was lost with the FAC, the Navy crews initiated combat SAR, but no contact was made with the two crewmen from F-4D 66-7748. On conclusion of formal SAR efforts the two F-4 crewmen were classed as Missing in Action and remained in that status until the Secretary of the Air Force approved Presumptive Findings of death for them - As of 15 Apr 2007 their remains have not been recovered.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who wears his MIA bracelet,
Greg Hancock

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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