John Lee Croy

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
04 April 1950 - 22 May 1969
Elwood, Indiana
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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16 May 2003


by a friend.
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03 Feb 2005

Left photo, left to right:
Robert Eugene Croy Jr, Johnny Lee Croy,
Robert Eugene Croy Sr, Kenneth Van Croy Sr

Right photo:
Johnny Lee Croy

Gallantly he stands,
       Straight and tall with strength and pride;
Yet his hands can have the softest touch,
       To his children by his side.

Hes devoted to his family;
       To God and country too;
He sacrifices day and night,
       To protect it all for YOU.

His kids give him a kiss goodbye
       Each time he has to go;
His wife hiding her tearful eyes,
       Just because she never knows.

Sometimes he leaves for just a day;
       Often weeks, or months, or years;
He misses out on everything,
       And they miss their daddy dear.

So next time you see a movie,
       About war and all the fight;
Think of all hes giving up,
       Time with family, his kids, his wife.

And think of how much they miss him,
       And how hard it is each day,
To never know when hell be back,
       Or what price hell have to pay.

Protecting the red, the white, & the blue;
       People die for our country each day;
So pray for these parents, these children, these friends,
       And support them in every way.

Elwood, Indiana, Killed In Action Memorial Wall

From a niece,
Michelle R. Croy Lewis

19 Jun 2005

I am a brother of John Croy. I recently wrote a book and dedicated
it to his memory. The book is entitled "Broken Branches" and will
be released in August or September. I would be interested in hearing
from anyone who may have served with John in Vietnam. I would
also be interested in knowing if anyone has any photos of John
from Vietnam they would like to share. You may contact me at
the below listed e-mail address.

From his brother,
Ken Croy

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 22 May 1969 H&S Company, 1/3 Marines, lost four men from a mortar team:
  • Cpl Paul Speaks, Newark, OH
  • Pfc Earl P. Beeching, Norwich, NY
  • Pfc John L. Croy, Elwood, IN
  • Pfc Ralford J. Jackson, Tuba City, AZ
The Elwood, Indiana, Memorial shown above contains the names of six men who died in Vietnam. They are
  • PFC Gregory S. Fennimore, C/2/12th Infantry, 20 Nov 1967
  • SGT Michael W. Downing, B/2/2nd Infantry, 03 Apr 1968
  • Capt John W. Held, 604th ACS, 17 Apr 1968 (MIA, not recovered)
  • Pfc John L. Croy, H&S 1/3rd Marines, 22 May 1969
  • SGT John R. Bragg, B/2/19th Artillery, 06 June 1969
  • SGT Patrick A. Hartwell, A/2/12th Infantry, 05 June 1970

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a niece,
Michelle R. Croy Lewis
15 May 2003

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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