William De Brece Cody
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Robinson, Illinois
September 05, 1945 to March 27, 1969
WILLIAM D CODY is on the Wall at Panel W28, Line 57


27 May 2003

On 27 March 1969, the 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, had elements committed to Operation Montana Mauler. Among these elements was Company B, 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry.

"First Lieutenant William D. Cody was serving as a platoon leader during an attempt by his company to capture a hill just south of the Demilitarized Zone. Domination of the hill was valuable because it was key terrain overlooking an infiltration route of an NVA regiment. LT. Cody began leading his men up the right side of the hill. On the way, he encountered an intense barrage of fire from enemy bunkers. Artillery and air strikes were called for, and under the cover afforded by this supporting fire LT Cody again advanced and continued to spearhead the attack. During this action, he received wounds from hostile mortar fragments. Suddenly an enemy machine gun emplacement became active, inflicting casualties. LT. Cody single-handedly assaulted through the hail of bullets and killed the three enemy at the emplacement with accurate bursts from his rifle. Inspired by his leadership, his troops overran an entrenched force on the forward edge of the objective. While LT Cody and his men made their way through increasing hostile fire, he was fatally wounded by enemy mortar fragments."

Captain Marvin Roberts, Company Commander of B Company, 1/11 Infantry, also received a posthumous DSC for his actions in this engagement.

Gary Huber
CSM, US Army (Ret)


A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 27 March 1969, elements of the 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry, assaulted Hill 208, located between Con Thien and the Demilitarized Zone. The Battalion lost 14 men as a result of the assault, 13 killed in action on 27 March and one, Captain Marvin Roberts, who died the next day of wounds received.
  • B Company, 1/11th Infantry
    • CPT Marvin J. Roberts, Baton Rouge, LA (Dist Svc Cross)
    • 1LT William D. Cody, Robinson, IL (Dist Svc Cross)
    • SGT Louis K. Dixon, Mobile, AL
    • SP4 Robert L. Anglin, Arista, WV (may have been C/1/11 Inf)
    • SP4 Bobby J. Walters, Petersburg, IN
    • SP4 Leslie W. Worl, Long Beach, CA
    • PFC Oscar G. Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

  • C Company, 1/11th Infantry
    • SP4 Dimitrios G. Arniotis, Jamaica, NY
    • SP4 Joseph J. Dobynes, Marion, AL
    • SP4 David E. Flannery, Muskegon, MI
    • SP4 Allison W. Locklair, St Stephen, SC
    • PFC Everett T. Culp, Columbia City, IN
    • PFC Leonard C. Ivy, Terre Haute, IN

  • HHC, 1/11th Infantry
    • PFC Rene A. Buller, Houston, TX

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