Allen James Cagle
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Chatsworth, Georgia
February 25, 1944 to June 25, 1967
ALLEN J CAGLE is on the Wall at Panel 22E, Line 60

Allen J Cagle
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A.J. Cagle (1921-1944), son of Jackson and Emma Cagle, fathered two boys, Jimmy and Ronnie, before he was killed in World War II. A. J.'s widow (Jimmy and Ronald's mother) remarried. When she moved to Los Angeles, California, the boys stayed in Murray County Georgia to live with their maternal grandparents, Coy and Lucille Lotspeich, north of Chatsworth. He was raised with his Uncle, Joseph Coy "Joe" Lotspeich more as a brother than an Uncle.

Jimmy grew up on a farm, serving as a farm laborer, working in the fields, taking care of animals, barn stalls, gardening, etc. At age 20, Jimmy married Jane Young, whose parents, J. B. and Juanita Young lived at Spring Place. Because they knew that Jimmy would be drafted very soon, the young couple lived with Jane's parents.

At the time that he was drafted Jimmy had been working at Sane's Body shop in Dalton. Although Jimmy was older than Ronnie, the draft board called Ronnie to duty first, because single men were drafted before those who were married. Ronnie was not destined to serve in Vietnam; Jimmy was. He was drafted and sent to basic training, followed by Advanced Individual Training in Infantry, and then Jimmy received orders for Vietnam.

He went home on leave prior to deployment in late March and early April 1967 and then shipped to Vietnam, beginning his tour on April 11, 1967, as a rifleman with an armored unit. Seventy-six days later, PFC Allen James Cagle was killed when the Armored Personnel Carrier he was riding in hit a land mine, killing him and another soldier, SGT Wayne Victor Gordon, Detroit, Michigan.

Below is photo of Jimmie next to an Armored Personnel Carrier. It's not known if he was in this one when he was killed.

Allen J Cagle

Jimmy Cagle was buried with full military honors in Dawnville Cemetery, Whitfield County, Georgia. He was survived by his widow, Jane, his mother Betty in California, brother Ronald living with his maternal grandparents, Mabel "Lucille" Vining Lotspeich (1899 - 1974) and Samuel "Coy" Lotspeich (1891 - 1968), and his 'brother'/Uncle Joe, Joseph Coy Lotspeich (1933 - 2008). He was also survived by his paternal grandparents, Emma M (1893-1975) and Jackson M Cagle (1887-1975) and other family members. You can read more about Jimmie Cagle at the Murray County Museum..

Allen J Cagle

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