Norman Lee Bundy

Lieutenant (junior grade)
United States Navy
26 January 1941 - 06 September 1966
Miami, Florida
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Naval Aviator

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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08 Apr 2006

Norm was a fraternity brother with Delta Tau Delta at Auburn University and a fellow Naval Aviator who was lost during air ops in the Gulf of Tonkin. We all remember him with great fondness and admiration.

Touch Me - A Soliloquy
by Hank Miller

Touch me. Don't be afraid. I can't hurt you. Go ahead and touch my smooth surface. Feel the cold, glass-like sensation as your fingers gently massage all of the crevices that comprise my being. Use both hands if you wish. We are more similar than you dare to believe.

Touch my face. Yes, I have a face like yours. My face has weathered the centuries as yours has the years. My face portrays the evolution I have experienced. Yours, the birth and death of your generation. My face has aged like yours as we both have endured the testimony of earth's elements.

I have eyes like yours. My inscriptions stare out at you as I search for the meaning of why we are both here in the first place. As I look into your eyes I see your character and all that comprises your personality. My character was formed millions of years past and now you see the results of my evolution.

I can feel your hands and the sweat from your palms flow into the countless combination of the letters comprising my universe. I know you. I have known you since I was able to breathe in the air as my smoothness began to take shape and my color matured along with natural flaws. You have known me since the days when you came to take me from my mother.

You cannot hear me as I remain static, unmoving. The same of me is not true. I can hear your murmurs and your cries of pain and sadness. Your sons and daughters ask why? There are no answers.

I am very old. I have seen it all and I am none the wiser for the pain and suffering I have witnessed since I rose from the bowels of the earth. I have witnessed the conflict, the death, the civilizations, and the societies that have come before you. Yet, I remain mystified about this day.

Today, I feel sad yet alive with a purpose. I have come to know those who are now an integral part of the reason for my being here, at this place and time. That purpose has become apparent as I stand before you on this day while your brethren gather to witness my reflections and changes of light that mirror your soul. I am a reflection of you.

I am all of you . . .

I am your spirit . . .

I am The Wall.

I am Hank Miller of Greenbrae, California, a free lance writer, former Naval Aviator, and a Vietnam veteran whose lost comrades' names are inscribed on The Wall.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 06 Sep 1966 LTJG Bundy launched from USS ROOSEVELT in RF-8G BuNo 144624 for a photo recon mission over North Vietnam. As he approached the coastline about 10 miles offshore Thanh Hoa the aircraft impacted the water and sank, taking its pilot with it.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and fellow warrior,
Hank Miller
08 Apr 2006

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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