John Martin Brucher

United States Air Force
16 August 1936 - 07 January 1974
Clatskanie, OR
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USAF Pilot

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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My cousin, Andy Brucher, lost his life April 4 1967 in Vietnam.

When I first visited the Wall in 1984 I didn't notice that there was another Brucher -
Major John Brucher of Clatskanie, Oregon.

I noticed John Brucher in the name listing on America Online. I have an interest in genealogy, and I wondered if we were two branches of the same family. I sent a letter to John Brucher's hometown. No one answered me, but the letter was not returned either. Recently, by a stroke of luck, someone from John Brucher's family got in touch with me. She told me John had left a wife and two children.

John Martin Brucher

God Bless you both - Andy and John Brucher.

The original memorial to Andy and John Brucher is at


On February 18, 1969, then-Captain John M. Brucher was flying a mission over North Vietnam in an F-105D aircraft when it was hit by hostile fire and crashed. Brucher was seen to eject and land in trees, and emergency beeper signals were heard. Brucher reported by radio that he had landed in a tree, and that he was suspended in mid-air and unable to free himself from his parachute. He later reported having a discloated shoulder.

Rescue efforts were suspended until the following day because of intense hostile fire in the area. When the rescue helicopters returned, Brucher's parachute was found still hanging in the tree, empty. Attempts at radio contact with Brucher were unsuccessful.

Brucher's last known location was near the Ban Karai Pass in Quang Binh Province, North Vietnam. He was listed Missing In Action, with a presumptive finding of death issued on 07 January 1974. As of 28 August 2001, his remains have not been repatriated.

A memorial from one who remembers,
Marjorie Smith Ward 
28 Aug 2001

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