Harold Milton Brown

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
22 April 1943 - 11 June 1969
Mount Washington, Kentucky
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 May 2002

Brownie, to one of the nicest NCOs and persons I ever met. I knew you for just a short time. When I came back to the world and saw the few movies I took I found such an eerie sight. I used the camera that late Saturday evening in May when there was a shaving cream fight. The last picture that night was you waving, smiling to the camera. The next time I used the camera was the morning after the long night when you were killed. The picture was of the devastation and the bodies of the "DINKS" that killed you. I wrote a poem after having enough nerve to find your name on the Wall, and found so many more names of guys I parted company with along the way.

The Wall

We came from all the fifty states.
For some of us, we left our mates.
We got on board that fateful flight,
Then flew eighteen hours through the night.
When we got there, our fate was sown.
We parted company for parts unknown.

I ended up south of Chu Lai.
I saw so many new friends die.
I feared this wall for many years.
I came to shed my final tears.
I found your names upon the wall.
If you came home, I knew you'd call.

At nineteen, we were very young.
I was old at twenty-one.
In death's order, names are far apart.
You will always be dear in my heart.
Sixty-nine was such a deadly year.
I'll remember you all and save that final tear.

God bless.

James Giblin
Copyright ©2002 James Giblin

May God Bless You,
Your other Kentucky Guardsmen, and
The other 58,000+ names on the Wall.

Thank you for the honor of knowing you.


03 Oct 2006

Sarge ...... It's been so many years. There hasn't been a time that I don't think of you. I have even said on many occasions that you are my mentor; I looked up to you. I was 19 when we met; you were 25. I remember your 26th birthday when your wife sent a case of "Wild Turkey" (and it made it all the way to LZ Liz!). You my friend, have been on my mind since 6-11-69. I carried your body to the chopper for your final ride home. I knew then that I had lost a true friend. I so much respected you. I looked up to you. For the first time in my life, I felt a broken heart. On top of that, I got promoted because you were gone. I'd have given anything to have you back. I hope I led as you did. I tried to follow your example. I know you were missed by all who knew you. We got your killer, but that is of little consolation.

I don't remember many names these days. I guess I have just moved on with my life. I have had a successful career and am now retired in the mountains of North Georgia. Kinda like the little town atmosphere that you lived in.

Kinda funny isn't it? Here I sit some 37 years later, and I miss you like it was yesterday. Though I only knew you 5 months, I had the utmost respect for you. I'm sure I am a better man today because I met you and had the opportunity to follow your example. I thank you for that.

I often wonder about your wife and kids. I wanted so much to visit them, but I couldn't. I still don't know what I'd say other than you were one hell of guy. Of course they already know that. Maybe one day it'll happen. I hope so. I would love to meet your kids and tell what a great guy you were.

Staff Sergeant Harold Milton Brown - Rest in Peace my friend. You are, and will always be missed!

Rick Lewis
Americal Division
1/82 Field Artillery
"C" Battery
Chu Lai, South Vietnam
(Mo Duc - Duc Pho) 1969

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Staff Sergeant Brown was mobilized in 1968 with the Kentucky Army National Guard's C Btry, 2nd Bn, 138th Artillery.

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 26 May 2002
Last updated 10/14/2006