Ted Jason Bishop

Corporal, United States Marine Corps


From Lufkin, Texas

25 May 1946 - 07 February 1970

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Ted Jason Bishop is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 14W Line 111.

01 Jul 2008

Ted Bishop was loved dearly and missed by his family. I never met him. He died in 1970 and I did not move to Lufkin, Texas, and meet his family until 1986. His parents are buried with him now, but I remember his parents well, and the shrine in their living room for Ted.

Mrs. Bishop gave me a copy of Ted's poetry. Ted wrote about experiences in Viet Nam as well as personal hopes and dreams for the future. I teach poetry on the college level, and I watch for other young men and women who come into my classes who also need to express their feelings about experiences in their writing. They always remind me of Ted, or at least the Ted who introduced himself to me through a copier-produced booklet of poetry.

He was a fine young man, and is much missed by all who knew him, no matter the method of introduction.

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