Karol Raymond Bauer

Staff Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
26 June 1938 - 30 April 1967
Philadelphia, PA
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Karol R Bauer

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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19 Aug 2002

The photo and following article is taken from The Philadelphia Daily News, special supplement entitled 'SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY,' October 26, 1987. The special supplement was issued in conjunction with the dedication of the Philadelphia Viet Nam Memorial.

The career Marine Corps non-commissioned officer enlisted in 1956 after leaving Olney High School. He later obtained a high school diploma in the service. Bauer, 28, died on April 30, 1967, as he led a platoon of Company M, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, at Khe Sanh, Quang Tri Province. The staff sergeant was one of six Philadelphia veterans to die in Viet Nam on that date, the most on any day during the war. Bauer's wife was a former Woman Marine. Other survivors included a daughter, parents, brother and sister.


From a native Philadelphian and Marine,
Jim McIlhenney

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In early April the North Vietnamese Army's 325C Division (18th, 95th, and 101st Regiments) moved through Laos and positioned itself to capture the combat base at Khe Sanh. By 25 April the 18th Regiment had emplaced itself on Hill 861, one of three hills which controlled key terrain around Khe Sanh. The 3rd Marine Division commander determined that the three hills had to be denied to the enemy.

After heavy fighting, the Marines captured Hill 661, decimating the 18th Regiment, and turned toward Hills 881 North and 881 South, defended by the NVA 95th Regiment.

The initial assault on Hill 881 South was made by elements of the 3rd and 9th Marines on 30 April and was not successful - the enemy was well entrenched on the crest of the steep hill and vigorously resisted the Marine advance. By nightfall, the Marines withdrew from the hill, having lost 57 dead and hundreds wounded. Hill 881 South was subjected to heavy supporting arms fire on 01 May and captured on 02 May.

Staff Sergeant Karol R. Bauer was killed in action during the initial assault on 30 April.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a native Philadelphian and Marine,
Jim McIlhenney
19 Aug 2002

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