Charles Lynn Baney

Army Of The United States
12 November 1946 - 15 October 1967
Warsaw, IN
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Army Aircrew

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

Charles L Baney

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07 Apr 2002

Loving brother
and son.

Missed very much by his family.

From his niece
Branchland, WV

14 Apr 2002

We all love him.

From another niece,

14 Apr 2002


mother Lucy Baney of Warsaw, Indiana,
brother Don of Florida

The Mission

The 109th Quartermaster Company (Air Delivery), stationed at Cam Ranh Bay, was an emergency air delivery unit.

Khe Sanh is a remote village in Quang Tri Province, close to the SVN/Laotian border. Its primary importance was the east-west roadway which led from the SVN coastal lowlands into Laos, a roadway which intersected with the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The first US forces in Khe Sanh were US Army Special Forces troops, but beginning in 1965 the US Marines garrisoned the base. As the US build-up continued, it became apparent to US, South Vietnamese, and North Vietnamese commanders that Khe Sanh was a critical outpost. While the Commander, 3rd MAF, was determined to hold Khe Sanh, his North Vietnamese Army counterpart was equally determined to defeat the Marines, much as had been done to the French at Dien Bien Phu fifteen years earlier.

During 1967, Marines continued moving in to reinforce the tiny outpost. Toward the end of the year, over 5,000 Allied troops were on hand - dug in, ready to fight. But some fifteen thousand North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regulars had them surrounded, virtually cut off from the outside world. The siege of Khe Sanh had begun. One of the first casualties of the siege was the single road which connected Khe Sanh to the coast, and with the road closed the only means of resupply was by air drop and quick-turn-around airlift.

On 15 Oct 1967 a C-130E (tail number 640548) of the 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron crashed at Khe Sanh while attempting a low altitude supply drop. All six men aboard the aircraft died in the crash:

  • CAPT Erle L Bjorke, USAF
  • 1LT James R Hottenroth, USAF
  • TSGT Edward Mosley, USAF
  • A1C Lawrence A Berneski, USAF
  • A2C John H Snyder, USAF
  • SGT Charles L Baney, US Army, Loadmaster

In 1997,
Sergeant Charles L. Baney
was inducted as a
Distinguished Member of the
Quartermaster Regiment.

A memorial from his niece,
Branchland, WV 
07 Apr 2002

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