Michael Terrance Badsing

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
02 July 1945 - 06 September 1965
Chicago, Illinois
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Michael T Badsing

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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31 May 2003

Mike lived on the northwest side of the City of Chicago, and attended St. Edward grammar school where he played football, basketball, and Chicago 16" softball. He then attended Schurz High School, also on the NW side of the city. His father still lives on Lowell Avenue in the same house today, and flys the Flag with the Star on it in their window. Mike's mom passed a few years ago and she went to Mass every morning since Mike's passing in Nam. Mike has two older sisters and one older brother that also has passed. Mike went to Vietnam with the Marines from Okinawa. He also had another classmate Tim Stack that went over with him, and Tim was also a graduate of St. Edward.

There are 10 former St. Edward students that are on the "WALL" with Mike. Mike was the first Marine from Chicago killed in action in Vietnam.

Mike also has a older sister who is a Nun, and his only brother was also lost in a fishing accident some years ago.

From a friend and fellow Vietnam veteran,
Roger McGill

09 Jun 2003

Hi ...
My name is Megan and I want to say "God bless" to Michael's family
and hope we can talk some time.

Megan Donorfio

14 Sep 2003

Not many days pass that I don't think about all the guys we lost in Nam... and unfortunately Mike, you were the first. I followed you and Timmy over there as so many of us did ... many not to return.

I just wanted to say... "You are missed".

A fellow Marine...
Ricky Lewis
'Nam 66-67-68

5 Sep 2004

Michael was a true blue Marine, he loved the Marine Corps. There is no greater love than a man that lays down his life for his brother Marines. He taught me everything on how to be a good Marine, and because of this he saved my life, and many other Marines that he came into contact with. Michael is my hero, and I miss him very much.

Semper Fi, my Brother, you will never be forgotten.

From a Marine Brother,
Frank Phillip Pavone

2 Mar 2005

I'm just a 14-year-old kid from Poland. I have two family members who fought in Vietnam but both survived that hell, one of them is from Chicago and he fought in the Green Berets and he has lost his friend from grenade. I know what it means to be killed there in action so I want to give all condolences from my site to Mike's parents and all the other 58,000+ Americans who died in that war.


29 Nov 2005

Even though I don't remember Mike I was serving in C/1/9 when he was killed. I was the company commander's radio operator and may have called in Mike's med evac.

From a fellow Marine from C/1/9,
Dick Stanley
4015 E. Cedar Lake Drive, Greenbush, MI 48738

30 May 2006

I attended and graduated from Saint Edward Grammar School with Mike. He was a true friend. I recall attending Mike's wake in 1965 and couldn't believe that he was actually gone. Mike, I proudly wear your KIA bracelet ... you are dearly missed by all who knew you.

From a friend and fellow Vietnam veteran,
John Swinger

28 May 2007

Today is Memorial Day 2007 and as always, I remember Mike with all the emotion that I can muster. He was my very dear and honorable friend. We started out together with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines at San Mateo. Mike was in Machine Guns and I was in Rockets. He was from Chicago and I was from Rock Island, Illinois.

I still remember the last day at Mateo when the Battalion had a BBQ and football game. I took a photo of Mike and Bill Inman sitting in the stands eating a donut. Yeah, Mike liked beer and pogey bait. He always referred to Chicago as Chi Town and always called the wind the HAWK. I still call the wind THE HAWK to this day. I remember the day Mike was killed, it was the saddest day of my life up to that point. Even today on September 6th, I stop what I am doing and face EAST towards Chi Town and salute Mike and his memory.

Today several of our old friends and fellow 1/9 Marines will assemble at Mike's grave and pay respects to him and to what he means to us. I am in California, not far from Camp Pendleton, and John Rosenau, Dan Noon, Stan Anton and Jamie Jamison, Frank Pavone will call me from Chi Town at the service, so that I can be there in some small way. That's what Memorial Day is all about, remembering your friends, past and present.

Semper Fi and God Bless America and The United States Marine Corps.

From a friend,
John E. Miller

06 Sep 2007

My good and honorable friend Mike ... It has been over 42 years since we sailed together from Okinawa to Da Nang in 1965. Today is exactly 42 years since you were killed. I remember you every day, along with our other fellow Warriors who died in Viet Nam. I have visited your gravesite in Chicago with Dan Noon and John Rosenau. I kept in touch with your mother for many years and now she is with you. Your father is still well and wears the 1/9 cap to the local pub as he has for the many years you have been gone. I sent your family most of the photos I had of you and me while we were in Viet Nam. I kept one and it is framed on my wall. I will never forget you, Mike, you were the best we had and you also were part of the greatest generation. The generation of young men who stood up when others hid. You did your duty, to your Country, to your Corps, to your family, to your friends and to the one God who watches over you now. I hope that others who read this memorial realize how important you were to so many and how much you are missed. Chicago will never be the same without you.


John E. Miller
Charlie 1/9 and Alpha 1/1
Viet Nam 1965/1966
08 Nov 2007

Mike was my cousin whom I barely knew because he was ten years older than me. I was ten when he died. The other day his father (my uncle) passed at age 94. Proudly displayed was a cap from the Marine Corps, that was tattered, from every-day use, that my uncle would wear proudly. At the cemetery we visited the Mike's grave site. For me the first time in a long time. It is the family plot so both now his mom and dad are there with his brother Ed and brother in law Dave. His uncle (my dad) was laid to rest 11/07.

His sisters Bernadette and Barbara were there. 43 years is a long time, but the memories were fresh. Semper Fi

From a cousin,
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Roger McGill

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Memorial first published on 31 May 2003
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