Richard Lee Adams
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 17, 1946 to February 16, 1967
RICHARD L ADAMS is on the Wall at Panel 15E, Line 43

Richard L Adams
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25 May 2007

Mickey, it's been 40 years since I had the honor of escorting your body home to your beloved Betty, and the family and friends that loved you. I remember how kind and friendly everyone was to me. I often think of you, and as I have done for the past 40 years I will toast you and all the other brave men and women like you. May you and all the others rest in peace. You are gone but will never be forgotten!

From a friend,
Gene O'Hearn
1012 Brock Street, Ashland, Pa. 17921


A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 16 Feb 1967 the 1st Platoon, C Company, 2/8th Infantry, was ambushed while conducting a reconnaissance patrol in Kontum Province, SVN. Surrounded on three sides by enemy forces and under murderous machinegun and mortar fire, the platoon formed a hasty defensive perimeter and fought for their lives. Although the platoon was relieved, 23 men died in the fighting. Then-Staff Sergeant Elmelindo R. Smith was awarded both a posthumous promotion and a posthumous Medal of Honor for his personal courage in rallying his troops and warding off a complete catastrophe. The 23 dead Americans were
  • PSGT Elmelindo R. Smith, Wahiawa, HI (Medal of Honor)
  • SSG Robert W. Coffey, Coatesville, IN
  • SSG William A. Thomas, Branwell, WV
  • SGT Giuseppe Giannelli, Oakland, CA
  • SGT William D. Holden, Sommerville, MA
  • SP4 Richard L. Adams, Cincinnati, OH
  • SP4 Carlton Amerson, Darien, GA
  • SP4 William L. Andrews, Center, TX
  • SP4 Jeffrey L. Beaty, Blair, WI
  • SP4 George E. Dickerson, Grayson, KY
  • SP4 Chester W. Eden, Carter, KY
  • SP4 Joseph P. Foran, Milwaukee, WI (medic, HQ Co w/ C/2/8)
  • SP4 Thomas V. Ford, Lowell, MI
  • CPL Jesse W. Ivy, Chicago, IL
  • CPL Lemen E. Jones, Tatum, TX
  • SP4 Richard L. Kollmann, Stonington, IL
  • CPL J L. Lyles, Rockford, IL
  • SP4 Maurice J. Marier, Montreal, PQ
  • PFC Michael O. Batson, Lamarque, TX
  • PFC James L. Elliott, Fayetteville, NC
  • PFC Robert E. Holcomb, Minneapolis, MN
  • PFC Lionell Powell, Patterson, LA
  • PFC John E. Quam, Mason City, IA

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