San Francisco
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaque

Plaque in Justin Herman Plaza was dedicated 28May2001

The 163 men named below gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

Underlined names are links to personal memorials on The Virtual Wall.

EDDIE ACHICA,     SGT, Army,     9/5/30 to to 8/10/66   South Vietnam
FELIZARDO CUENCA AGUILLON,     TSGT, Air Force,     9/20/38 to 4/9/75   South Vietnam
ALBERT KAIWI AKAMU,     SFC, Army,     10/2/34 to 5/9/68   South Vietnam
DANIEL ALBERT ALEGRE,     SSGT, Army,     10/19/48 to 2/28/70   South Vietnam
JOHN MOSES ANANIAN,     PFC, Army,     2/27/46 to 9/30/69   South Vietnam
GREGORY ALFRED ANTUNANO,     SGT, Army,     5/18/49 to 7/24/71   Cambodia
JOSEPH GREGORY ARTAVIA,     SGT, Army,     1/1/49 to to 3/24/68   South Vietnam
TONY ANDERSON BAKER,     PFC, Marine,     5/31/48 to 7/5//68   South Vietnam
CARLOS A BALDIZON-IZQUIERDO,     PFC, Marines,     1/9/1947 to 8/7/69   South Vietnam
GARY ALAN BANGLOS,     PFC, Army,     11/15/46 to 1/31/68   South Vietnam
CHARLES WESLEY BARRETT,     SP4, Army,     10/31/46 to 3/12/67   South Vietnam
MICHAEL M BARTHOLOMEW,     SSGT, Army,     6/1/45 to to 7/25/69   South Vietnam
SAMUEL WAYNE BELL,     SSGT, Marines,     6/18/1935 to 5/10/69   South Vietnam
BORIS ROMAN BENJAMIN BENTLEY,     SGT, Army,     5/17/1945 to 8/3/67   South Vietnam
MICHAEL LINN BIANCHINI,     LCPL, Marines,     10/4/46 to 3/5/66   South Vietnam
MARTIN GEORGE BLAKELY,     CN, Navy,     7/11/1945 to 5/20/68   South Vietnam
RICHARD MC AULIFFE BLOOM,     1LT, Marines,     9/5/1942 to 9/20/66   South Vietnam
DOMINGO R S BORJA,     SFC, Army,     2/1/1931 to 2/21/1967   Laos
JOSEPH BORRUSO JR,     PFC, Army,     12/11/1949 to 10/26/70   South Vietnam
THEOPHILUS BOWLES,     SP4, Army,     1/22/1948 to 3/14/1969   South Vietnam
OSCAR DAN BOYDSTON,     SGT, Army,     5/29/1947 to 5/13/69   South Vietnam
MURRY LAWRENCE BRITTON,     PFC, Marines,     9/15/1948 to 6/2/69   South Vietnam
FRANKLIN VINCENT BRODNIK,     SP4, Army,     12/2/1942 to 2/25/1966   South Vietnam
BRUCE EDWARD BROWN,     HM3, Navy,     5/19/1947 to 6/3/1969   South Vietnam
LEONARD CHARLES BURRIS,     LCPL, Marines,     7/20/1947 to 2/19/1967   South Vietnam
JOSE CAIQUEP,     CPL, Army,     10/15/1942 to 1/5/1968   South Vietnam
RICHARD FREDERICK CAMPOS,     SGT, Army,     9/15/1940 to 12/6/1966   South Vietnam
RICHARD ALLAN CARLSON,     CPL, Army,     3/30/1948 to 5/24/1968   South Vietnam
PETER CHAN,     SA, Navy,     10/15/1951 to 9/25/1972   South Vietnam
GARY RICHARD CLARK,     2LT, Army,     7/6/1947 to 12/6/1967   South Vietnam
ROBERT W CLIREHUGH, JR,     CAPT, Army,     4/19/1944 to 4/22/1969   South Vietnam
SAM COLE, JR,     PFC, Marines,     1/8/1948 to 5/9/1968   South Vietnam
CHARLES COOK, JR,     PFC, ARMY,     1/8/1948 to 5/9/1968   South Vietnam
ROBERT REED CRISWELL,     SP4, Army,     3/24/1947 to 3/5/1968   South Vietnam
KENNETH T CRUISE, JR,     SSGT, Army,     1/8/1946 to 5/13/1969   South Vietnam
GREGORIO MANESE DEOCAMPO,     PFC, Marines,     4/24/1943 to 4/21/1967   South Vietnam
ERNEST LEO DE SOTO,     COL, Air Force,     12/30/1931 to 6/5/1979   South Vietnam
RAYMOND LEE DOCK, JR,     GMG3, Navy,     6/4/1947 to 6/16/1969   South Vietnam
JOHNNIE LEE DOUGLAS,     PFC, Army,     10/13/1945 to 2/4/1968   South Vietnam
GERALD TYLER DOUGLASS, JR,     SP4, Army,     12/24/1946 to 2/25/1968   South Vietnam
RONALD LLOYD DUCOMMUN,     SP4, Army,     1/2/1950 to 11/15/1969   South Vietnam
JIMMY LYN DUNAGAN,     SGT, Army,     9/18/1948 to 1/21/1972   South Vietnam
ROBERT GERALD ELGIN,     SSGT, Army,     1/9/1939 to 4/4/1968   South Vietnam
BRUCE CHARLES FARRELL,     LT, Navy,     6/27/1935 to 10/8/1963   South Vietnam
ALEXANDER FEDOROFF,     SSGT, Army,     4/2/1944 to 2/20/1968   South Vietnam
RONALD DENNIS FERGUSON,     SP4, Army,     7/21/1942 to 11/15/1965   South Vietnam
RONALD RICHARD FILLMORE,     SP4, Army,     10/20/1946 to 3/20/1967   South Vietnam
TERENCE PATRICK FITZGERALD,     SP4, Army,     7/26/1939 to 5/26/1967   South Vietnam
PATRICK OSBORNE FORD,     GMG2, Navy,     5/2/1942 to 6/21/1968   South Vietnam
PAUL HELLSTROM FOSTER,     SGT, Marines,     4/17/1939 to 10/14/1967   South Vietnam
HARRY PAUL GAMBLE,     PFC, Marines,     1/22/1942 to 6/7/1965   South Vietnam
MARCIAL BONDOC GARCIA,     LCPL, Marines,     4/16/1949 to 6/4/1968   South Vietnam
DAVID FRANK GARRINGER,     2LT, Marines,     2/20/1946 to 11/24/1968   South Vietnam
ROBERT CHARLES GEIGER,     SP5, Army,     8/19/1941 to 5/11/1970   South Vietnam
EVERETT WILLIAM GOIAS,     SP4, Army,     4/16/1945 to 11/8/1965   South Vietnam
JOSE C GOSSE,     SP4, Army,     6/21/1943 to 7/19/1966   South Vietnam
KENNETH MERVIN GRAY,     CPL, Army,     10/6/1949 to 5/20/1970   South Vietnam
RAYMOND CARSON GRIFFITHS,     PFC, Marines,     1/1/1947 to 7/4/1966   South Vietnam
THOMAS JOSEPH GUARALDI,     PFC, Army,     5/4/1947 to 5/16/1967   South Vietnam
JAMES KENNETH HALL,     CAPT, Marines,     12/27/1934 to 2/24/1969   South Vietnam
ROBERT JOSEPH HENNEBERG,     LCPL, Marines,     2/27/1947 to 7/27/1966   South Vietnam
FALEAGAFULA ILAOA,     SSGT, Air Force,     4/6/1948 to 5/13/1975   Thailand
RUDOLPH JENNINGS,     PFC, Marines,     11/12/1949 to 6/21/1968   South Vietnam
MICHAEL CHARLES JENSEN,     CPL, Army,     3/30/1949 to 11/14/70   South Vietnam
ANTHONY ERIC JOHNSON,     CPL, Army,     12/3/1947 to 11/27/1968   South Vietnam
FLOYD RAY JOHNSON,     PVT, Army,     5/9/1949 to 2/20/1970   South Vietnam
JAMES J L JOHNSON,     CAPT, Army,     6/5/1933 to 3/10/1967   South Vietnam
RALPH MARTIN JOHNSON,     SSGT, Marines,     10/16/1946 to 8/24/1970   South Vietnam
JOHN WILLIAM JOYS,     SSGT, Marines,     6/7/1939 to 8/26/1966   South Vietnam
JAMES TOSHI KAJIWARA,     SGT, Army,     8/27/1946 to 3/11/1967   South Vietnam
WILLIAM DANIEL KENNEDY, III,     CAPT, Army,     6/6/1945 to 11/29/1970   South Vietnam
LUDWIG PETER KOHLER,     PFC, Army,     7/31/1925 to 7/26/1965   South Vietnam
LEONARD WILLIAM LABOWSKI,     SGT, Marines,     7/21/1946 to 3/25/1969   South Vietnam
LEONARD ALLAN LANZARIN,     SP4, Army,     6/26/1950 to 11/4/1970   South Vietnam
PETER SWINNERTON LARSON,     CAPT, Army,     8/11/1941 to 3/21/1967   South Vietnam
GEORGE FEODRO LAZAR,     PFC, Marines,     7/23/1945 to 6/13/1966   South Vietnam
ELOY FELIPE ESTE LE BLANC,     CPL, Army,     6/6/1947 to 2/2/1968   South Vietnam
ROY LEO LEDE,     SGT, Air Force,     7/9/1947 to 5/5/1968   South Vietnam
EARL ROGER LERCH,     HM3, Navy,     4/25/1946 to 6/4/1968   South Vietnam
GARY WAYNE LETSON,     2LT, Marines,     2/12/1945 to 6/18/1969   South Vietnam
SAI GIN LEW,     PFC, Army,     9/20/1949 to 12/5/70   South Vietnam
MAX LIEBERMAN,     CPL, Army,     12/20/1947 to 3/7/1970   South Vietnam
MICHAEL AYR LOWERY,     PFC, Army,     3/25/1946 to 2/5/1967   South Vietnam
THOMAS ALBERT LUTGE,     SFC, Army,     7/2/1937 to 7/25/1968   South Vietnam
WILLIAM AFFLEY LYNCH, JR,     LTC, Air Force,     4/7/1921 to 11/26/1966   South Vietnam
DANNY RAY MACK,     SP4, Army,     3/25/1948 to 3/18/1969   South Vietnam
ROBERT LEE MACK,     SGT, Army,     2/7/1923 to 3/24/1966   South Vietnam
GEORGE VINCENT MARTINEZ,     PFC, Marines,     11/20/1947 to 9/14/1968   South Vietnam
JOHN ANTHONY MARTINEZ,     SGT, Army,     5/30/1949 to 6/25/1970   South Vietnam
PAUL DINNES MARTINEZ, JR,     CPL, Army,     8/9/1948 to 5/7/1969   South Vietnam
WILLIAM JAMES MC TAGGART,     SGT, Marines,     11/6/1942 to 6/22/1970   South Vietnam
PAUL CHARLES MEDLIN,     2LT, Army,     4/8/1945 to 12/14/1969   South Vietnam
ALLAN MENDELL,     LCPL, Marines,     12/28/1946 to 1/7/1968   South Vietnam
RENE CLARENCE MISCHEAUX,     CPL, Army,     8/31/1948 to 3/25/1969   South Vietnam
MICHAEL JAMES MONAHAN,     SP4, Army,     10/22/1945 to 3/16/1967   South Vietnam
JIMMY RAY MOORE,     CPL, Army,     5/27/1946 to 5/5/1968   South Vietnam
RICHARD DAVID MORROW,     CDR, Navy,     12/18/1932 to 11/2/1967   North Vietnam
JOSE MUNATONES, JR,     CPL, Army,     8/24/1948 to 5/14/1968   South Vietnam
VINCENT PATRICK MURPHY, JR,     SGT, Marines,     8/27/1947 to 6/5/1970   South Vietnam
ALVIN RAY NARCISSE,     CPL, Army,     3/23/1949 to 1/25/1969   South Vietnam
JOHN ARTHUR NATHAN,     SP4, Army,     11/21/1945 to 11/8/1965   South Vietnam
ELVAIN ENNIS NIOUS,     SGT, Army,     10/12/1946 to 2/22/1968   South Vietnam
CHARLES WILLIAM NURISSO,     SP4, Army,     6/4/1951 to 8/27/1970   South Vietnam
DENIS O' CONNOR,     CAPT, Army,     5/3/1940 to 10/10/1967   South Vietnam
DENNIS KENNETH O' CONNOR,     SGT, Army,     11/20/1947 to 11/1/1968   South Vietnam
REINALDO SALVADOR ORTIZ,     CPL, Marines,     9/26/1946 to 5/15/1967   South Vietnam
CEIZHAR VALE PAGCALIUAGAN,     PFC, Army,     2/14/1947 to 2/29/1968   South Vietnam
LUTHER PAGE, JR,     SSGT, Army,     1/3/1930 to 2/14/1968   South Vietnam
KEILA PAOPAO,     PFC, Marines,     2/14/1947 to 1/28/1968   South Vietnam
KENNETH PARKER,     LCPL, Marines,     8/29/1947 to 5/6/1969   South Vietnam
JOHN PARNELLA,     SP4, Army,     6/4/1943 to 4/16/1966   South Vietnam
DORRIS EDWARD PATTON,     2LT, Marines,     3/21/1932 to 7/22/1966   South Vietnam
JOSEPH ESPINO PEREZ,     PFC, Army,     12/25/1946 to 3/9/1968   South Vietnam
SAMUEL HENRY PIERCE, JR,     SSGT, Army,     6/14/1932 to 8/16/1969   South Vietnam
BOB ELIA POGRE,     HM2, Navy,     2/21/1945 to 4/29/1966   South Vietnam
RICHARD CHESTER PRATT,     PFC, Army,     4/18/1946 to 4/25/1967   South Vietnam
EMMETT TERENCE PRINGLE,     PFC, Marines,     4/24/1950 to 3/18/1969   South Vietnam
EDWARD BEEDING QUILL, JR,     MAJ, Air Force,     10/16/1934 to 2/15/1968   South Vietnam
GEORGE MICHAEL RAMOS,     SGT, Marines,     12/1/1947 to 5/31/1968   South Vietnam
EDWARD HAROLD RAUCH,     LCPL, Marines,     9/4/1947 to 10/17/1967   South Vietnam
ROBERT WILLIAM REED,     MAJ, Marines,     8/1/1932 to 4/5/1967   South Vietnam
SALVADOR ORTENCIO RICARDO,     CPL, Army,     10/16/1946 to 2/14/1969   South Vietnam
JOSE A RIVERA,     PFC, Army,     8/16/1945 to 8/1/1966   South Vietnam
GARY GENE RODGERS,     CPL, Army,     9/16/1947 to 8/30/1968   South Vietnam
VICTOR ROMERO,     CMS, Air Force,     12/11/1947 to 3/19/1968   South Vietnam
FRANCISCO LEO SAMSON, JR,     CPL, Marines,     5/7/1946 to 6/15/67   South Vietnam
ROBERT RICHARD SANDSTROM,     PFC, Army,     5/3/1945 to 10/5/67   South Vietnam
JOHN F SANTOS, JR,     CAPT, Air Force,     8/2/1933 to 4/28/64   Thailand
JOEL LUTHER SCHUBERT,     PFC, Army,     9/26/1941 to 10/24/1967   South Vietnam
STEVEN REY SEGURA,     SP4, Army,     8/2/1948 to 3/1/1969   South Vietnam
DONALD JAMES SMITH,     SP4, Army,     4/5/1949 to 7/17/1968   South Vietnam
WISELEE SMITH,     BM3, Navy,     8/5/1939 to 9/27/1967   South Vietnam
ODIN EDGAR SORENSEN,     CWO, Air Force,     1/2/1916 to 12/8/1965   South Vietnam
FRANK SPOTWOOD, JR,     SP4, Army,     7/15/1947 to 6/16/1968   South Vietnam
THEODORE SPRINGSTON,     COL, Air Force,     11/23/1931 to 6/3/1978   North Vietnam
MICHAEL FORRESTER STEARNS,     SSGT, Army,     9/16/1943 to 3/9/1967   South Vietnam
JOSE WILFREDO SUAREZ,     SP5, Army,     3/4/1939 to 11/20/1965   South Vietnam
RAYMOND WALTER SULLIVAN,     SP4, Army,     5/30/1950 to 1/24/1969   South Vietnam
RICHARD ARELLANO SUPNET,     A1C, Air Force,     3/17/1952 to 9/23/1971   South Vietnam
LAAVALE FUATAU TAGATA,     LCPL, Marines,     5/30/1939 to 12/3/1965   South Vietnam
PAUL CLIVE O TAYLOR,     PFC, Army,     11/29/1946 to 12/27/1965   South Vietnam
EDGAR WAYNE THOMPSON,     PFC, Marines,     7/15/1947 to 9/10/1967   South Vietnam
FRED ROBERT THORPE,     PFC, Army,     12/10/1948 to 10/9/1969   South Vietnam
ARTHUR RICHARD TIMBOE,     1LT, Army,     3/24/1944 to 2/1/1968   South Vietnam
DENNIS EDWARD TIMMONS,     SP4, Army,     11/7/1947 to 11/12/1969   South Vietnam
MATAU TOIA, JR,     PFC, Marines,     6/21/1948 to 6/4/1968   South Vietnam
RICHARD E TOMASINI, JR,     PFC, Army,     6/25/1947 to 2/26/1967   South Vietnam
BERTALAN JAMES TOTH,     SFC, Army,     7/23/1937 to 5/12/1969   South Vietnam
ROBERT LEE TYES,     CPL, Army,     12/18/1942 to 6/29/1968   South Vietnam
RUSSEL KEITH UTLEY,     COL, Air Force,     8/5/1933 to 9/5/1978   Laos
JOHN JUAN VALERO,     SGT, Army,     7/23/1947 to 3/21/1969   South Vietnam
ARTHUR VERNON VIGIL,     LCPL, Marines,     12/31/1945 to 5/27/1967   South Vietnam
PATRICK WEBER,     SP4, Army,     11/15/1950 to 5/22/1971   South Vietnam
FRANK WELLS, JR,     PFC, Army,     10/1/1949 to 10/1/1968   South Vietnam
JEFFREY RAYMOND WENTZELL,     LCPL, Marines,     10/17/1948 to 2/14/1968   South Vietnam
WILLIAM GEORGE WHEATLEY,     PFC, Marines,     12/1/1846 to 10/13/1965   South Vietnam
MICHAEL PATRICK WHELAN,     SGT, Army,     12/5/1947 to 9/8/1968   South Vietnam
JEFFREY MERLE WHITE,     SP4, Army,     8/21/1949 to 2/27/1970   South Vietnam
DAVID CHARLES WILLIAMS,     SP5, Army,     2/16/1946 to 2/12/1968   South Vietnam
DARRYL GORDON WINTERS,     A1C, Air Force,     3/6/1939 to 7/19/1966   South Vietnam
AKIRA YAMASHITA,     SP5, Army,     5/18/1928 to 7/29/1966   South Vietnam
VICTOR MANUEL YANEZ,     SGT, Army,     1/5/1948 to 5/11/69   South Vietnam
EFRAIN ZUNIGA, JR,     CPL, Army,     11/26/1945 to 1/19/1967   South Vietnam

San Francisco Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaque
Plaque in Justin Herman Plaza was dedicated 28May2001

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