Press Release

Date:      10/30/2003

To:          News Editors/ Please run prior to Friday, Nov. 7th.

From:     The Virtual Wall,

RE:          Thank A Woman project/Veterans Day events

Families and friends who lost loved ones in the Vietnam war prayed that
their soldier's last minutes were eased by the professional and
compassionate care of a nurse, a medic, or a Red Cross worker.


Soldiers who served in Vietnam recall with tenderness the glimpses of home
bought to them by a Donut Dolly, Special Services employee, or woman
entertainer. Warriors who were injured maintain eternal bonds of gratitude for the
nurses and medics who treated them.

Yet, few have had the opportunity to thank the American women who served in
Vietnam, both military and civilian.

This Veterans Day thousands of women will make the pilgrimage to attend the
10th anniversary of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in
Washington DC on
November 11, 2003

The "Thank A Woman" project, sponsored by The Virtual Wall, is offering a
chance to say thanks. The Virtual Wall is accepting by email notes of
thanks. These gifts of gratitude will be printed and distributed to the
women attending the anniversary ceremonies.

Don't miss this chance to share your heartfelt thoughts. Check out the
"Thank a Woman" project at  for
further details.


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