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The Virtual Wall ® is the name of the web site run by Ltd. a New York State not-for-profit corporation.

The mission of Ltd. is to help relatives and friends of the fallen of the Vietnam War to ensure those persons are honored and remembered. ® does not charge a fee or accept donations for publishing remembrances or photographs and we do not have subscription fees or advertising. We feel the women and men who died or are missing and their relatives have already paid the full measure. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC is maintained by the US National Park Service using tax dollars, not our organization. is operated by a handful of volunteers from all over the country who communicate electronically. Most have never met each other face-to-face. All are relatives or friends of the fallen and/or Vietnam War veterans.

Vietnam War veteran Jim Schueckler founded and opened the web site The Virtual Wall at on March 23, 1997.

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Use our Index of Memorials by State and City to find a personal memorial page honoring a Vietnam War casualty from your area. You may contact and interview a relative or friend who left a remembrance and email address on the casualty's memorial page.  Persons who list their email address on memorial pages desire such contact, since those persons could have declined display of their email address.
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