Names added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

During the Vietnam War there was no overriding reason to keep close track of names of the men and women who died as a result of military service in the war zone. A decade after the withdrawal of US forces, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was approved for construction. The service branches went back through their records to identify our dead by name.

Inevitably some men who should have been named on the "Wall" were not. Over the years additional names have been inscribed on the Wall - some were men who died after the war as a result of wounds received in the war, and others were men whose names were overlooked in earlier years.

A different web site, Touch The Wall has details of years not listed here.

All the men whose names have been added have personal memorial pages on The Virtual Wall®. Click on a name to see that person's memorial page.

Names Added - 2017
CPL Kenneth Rae McGuire                          Panel 34W Row 042
SGT John Terrell Whitson                    Panel 32W Row 058
SGT Edward Leon Wilmers                    Panel 62E Row 007

Names Added - 2016
LCPL Jeffrey Roberts Barber            Panel 21W Row 001
PFC Michael Gene Frey            Panel 21W Row 115
LCPL Chester Arthur Lederhouse Jr         Panel 19E Row 125
SP4 James Steven McGough            Panel 04W Row 045
ENC Leonard Outlaw            Panel 03W Row 052
PFC Lee Andrew Rawn            Panel 16E Row 056
SP5 Jimmy Lee Smith            Panel 17W Row 092
LCPL John David Stenhouse            Panel 58W Row 010

Names Added - 2015
MSG Francis Gerald Corcoran, Jr               Panel 35E Row 041
CPT Michael Paul Knight        Panel 14W Row 079
SP5 Gannon Clark Milby, Jr               Panel 51W Row 041
SGT Charley Vernon Stanley Panel 46W Row 029
MAJ Stanley Marcel Staszak Panel 19E Row 007
PO3 Chester Statun (AKA Staten)               Panel 05E Row 0413
SFC Clarence Turpin Panel 38W Row 048
MSG George Lincoln Wilson               Panel 29E Row 057

Names Added - 2014
SSG Jerry Leon Antrich                 Panel 29E Row 009
SFC Frederick Joseph Baum  Panel W04 Row 016
PFC Henry John Drozdowski, Jr  Panel 17E Row 102
SP5 Michael Noel Faherty  Panel W46 Row 037
PFC Gregory Jackson Franklin  Panel W37 Row 41
SP4 William Arthur Gabrielsen  Panel W44 Row 062
PFC Ronald Hall  Panel 27E Row 039
PFC Robert Kroptavich  Panel W35 Row 050
SP4 Thomas Charles Littles  Panel W14 Row 015
PFC Paul Luther Loidolt  Panel 48E Row 004
MSG Walter Hugh Mauldin  Panel 60E Row 014
SP4 Alan Leslie Seamans  Panel 27E Row 098
PFC Danny Joe Wilson  Panel 18E Row 109

Names Added - 2015
PO3 Clark David Franklin                  Panel 15E Row 094
SGT Dennis Ralph Siverling  Panel 18E Row 023
SP4 Raymond Clark Thompson  Panel W08 Row 036
PFC Lester James Veazey  Panel 35E Row 001

Names Added - 2012
CPO Joseph William Aubin                    Panel 09E Row 012
PFC Johnny Owen Brooks  Panel W16 Row 106
SP4 David Lawrence Deckard  Panel W28 Row 094
LTJG David McLean Desilets  Panel 10E Row 077
ATR3 Richard Carl Hunt  Panel 07E Row 112
SP4 Larry Morgan Kelly  Panel W19 Row 095
AMN Albert Kalahana Kuewa  Panel 02E Row 042
LT Walter Allan Linzy  Panel 08E Row 017
CPL Frank Anthony Neary  Panel 15E Row 096
ATR3 Richard Dwaine Stocker  Panel 15E Row 036

Names Added - 2011
SGT Henry Lester Aderholt                       Panel W12 Row 083
ETR2 Richard Lewis Daniels   Panel W04 Row 108
BT3 Peter Otto Holcomb   Panel 15E Row 060
SP4 Charles J Sabatier   Panel 40E Row 072
SP4 Charles Robert Vest   Panel 24E Row 030

Names Added - 2010
LCPL John Edward Granville               Panel W56 Row 034
LCPL Clayton Kenneth Hough, Jr   Panel W08 Row 003
CPT Edward Francis Miles   Panel W26 Row 055
SGT Michael Joseph Morehouse   Panel W26 Row 001
LTC William Lynwood Taylor   Panel W07 Row 081
CPL Ronald Michael Vivona   Panel 50E Row 036

Names Added - 2009
GSGT Enrique Valdez                                  Panel W17 Row 051

Names Added - 2008
SP4 Dennis Odell Hargrove               Panel W12 Row 114
LCPL Richard Michael Goossens   Panel 68E Row 004
SP4 Darrell James Naylor   Panel 18E Row 053
LCPL Raymond Clark Mason   Panel 41E Row 064

Names Added - 2007
SP4 Wesley Alvin Stiverson                      Panel W12 Row 114
SGT Richard Monroe Pruett   Panel W21 Row 038
FA Joseph Gerald Krywicki   Panel 15E Row 026

Names Added - 2006
SP4 Bobby Gene Barbre                 Panel W25 Row 029
LCPL George Bryant Givens Jr.   Panel 14E Row 063
PFC Hans Jorg Rudolph Lorenz   Panel 06E Row 111
CPT Robert Patrick Rumley Jr.   Panel 14E Row 095

Names Added - 2005
PFC Thomas Joseph Conners                     Panel 13E Row 125
SGT Richard Edward Daly Jr.   Panel W51 Row 011
PFC John Harold Berg                   Panel 48E Row 053
PFC William Ellis Browning                    Panel W26 Row 032

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